Friday, June 9, 2017

Soulmate Attraction: Treat Yourself, Wonder Persun!

So, one of the biggest things about attracting a compatible mate is doing for and with yourself what you would enjoy with a partner (sorry, the period key does't seem to be working on my tablet right now / I guess I need to charge it / That means I'm doing a lot of writing these days, whoo-hoo!)
 Tonight I was thinking about what my options were for this evening, and what I would want if my new compatible mate were here / I would want to go to the movies! 
 So I decided to do that, and searched for the kind of movie I wanted to see (a "Calgon, take me away", fluff movie / nothing like the thinkie films I sometimes enjoy at Ritz Movie theaters with their scrumptious ice cream bars / I recently saw A Quiet Passion there and recommended it!), and then bought the ticket (Wonder Woman)! / I was rewarded to get a total of 2 dollars and 36 cents because I received a credit from the movie ticket company! 
 I'm excited to see that movie tonight, and be on a date with myself, because it's fun!
 Also, it occurred to me that much of soulmate attraction is just plain law of attraction - doing what you love just because you want it and you want to attract more of it and you are worthy of it /
 I also was reminded of how similar it is to self-love re: body image issues / Loving your body now as it is, and not waiting until anything changes with it / How would you want to live if your body never so-called "improved"? Live that way now/ How would you want to live if you never met your new compatible mate? Live that way now! Don't just do these things as assignments for the sole purpose of having an ideal body or mate / Do them simply because they are the right and self-loving thing to do / Do them simply because you are worthy of a good, happy, and fulfilled life You are!
 Solo or partnered, ideal body or not, make yourself a beautiful Friday night / I know I will!


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Make yourself a beautiful day!

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