Sunday, June 11, 2017

How I Do Angel Readings

​...where I receive messages from God/dess, ascended masters, your angelic guardians, spirit guides and teachers, ancestors, and soulmates in every direction of time) is hear the persun talk, then i write down messages I receive, then explain the messages in a spiritual counseling method, then give the client the written notes. If you have a way to audio record the session to take with you, please bring that. My rate is $75/hour ($60 sliding scale for low income), more if a lot of counseling is involved or if the session goes longer. All of this is negotiable! The notes are either handwritten or emailed if I or the client brings the equipment. I would want to hold an item that is either metal or natural stone or crystal and usually worn on your persun. Usually people are very pleased and moved by the reading, although it often includes homework they can choose to do or not do if they want resolution, so it isn't exactly a party favor and it isn't a parlor trick so it isn't totally "fun" but it can be very comforting and ultimately exciting!

$75/session, in-persun, or worldwide via email (3 questions)! Booking: 215-552-8850 cxwriting(at)gmail(dot)com

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