Sunday, January 22, 2017

The Gift of Receiving (GoFundMe Fundraiser)


Dear *Friends,
Hello! How are you!
I am well, I am abundant, I am joyful, I am creative, I am productive, and I am whole!
I have lots of love, rest, and pleasure in my life, I am well supported in many ways.
This is why it has taken me so long to discuss a major challenge I have been having, and that is obtaining stable housing.
There are many reasons I didn't talk about it, and I'm still not even saying it now - because I don't FEEL like I'm suffering and need to ask for help.
But the fact is that the time has come to create a portal for those of you who appreciate my work and what I do to hopefully uplift, inspire, encourage, and entertain - that I create a space for you to step into and say, "Thank you, Cassendre. I want to help you continue your work."
Basically, I was living in a homeless shelter for one year (June 2015-June 2016), and I've been "street homeless" since June 2016. My campaign talks more about it, and I'm sure many of you will be shocked to read it.
Since posting, I have already received two generous donations, and this is before I even wrote to my email contacts.
The campaign description includes my most urgent need, hotel/motel rooms, and I am very grateful that I'm covered for the next/this current week.
Even better is that I just received a thousand dollar check for some creative work I did last year.
I am now free to order the hotel/motel rooms that will allow me to be more comfortable, so I can return to the joyful work I was doing.
For that past couple of years, while I was homeless, (and still am as we type this), I still released my album "Hope", kept up with my Wisdom Magazine monthly column, wrote a lot on Facebook and Twitter, and on my blog I still produced the 9th & 10th Black Women's Arts Festival (9th, I went home to a shelter, and 10th I went "home" to public transportation or transit station or the then much less frequent hotel/motel room stay). And I even resumed and continue to maintain my Free, 24hr Inspiration Line 215-552-8850.
All of this is in service not only to my art of multi-media healing and self-expression, but also to one of last of my 4-part album series Affirmations for Survivors: "Life Skills". I knew when I first announced that I would be working on this, that my life would change drastically, just so that I could learn whatever I needed to, to make this spoken word guided meditation album (first two were "Self-Love", and "Spirituality, released in August 2007").
Friday and Saturday night I went out to dinner and then slept over a sweetie's. Tonight I do not have lodging. Tomorrow night, I will be at a hotel room alone. By Tuesday I will have funds to rent at least two more hotel rooms for the week.
And hopefully very soon I will find a room to rent for under $400/month - one that is safe, quiet, and free of drug- and alcohol-abusing tenants.
I am very very grateful to have had this journey, and to finally be free to share/talk about it, with you, my faithful audience and supporters.
This is what I wanted - to be able to come to you for help while still celebrating the joy and abundance in my life.
I still need your help, and I will continue to, even when I've moved into a room, just as I will still need your help even when I am fully independent financially, touring Europe as a "successful" singer-songwriter-guitarist. The help will be sometimes financial, and it will sometimes not be. I may ask you to fund a new album, or new project, as many artists to regularly, ask of their fans and appreciators. Or I may ask you to buy my work, or visit my restaurant, who knows.
Right now I'm asking you to fund my way to steady housing, something I have not experienced in years, due to my personal challenges of being a child/sexual abuse survivor with mental health issues (Bipolar & PTSD). We all have our stories to tell, and we all are affected by them.
My story just happens to be very public and contain arts-related projects to mark my time on earth. I hope I have been and will continue to be helpful to you.
Thank you to those of you who have donated your thoughts, prayers, well-wishes, praise, positivity, love, and money to the cause that is the renaissance negresse.
Thank you and I welcome even more!
With warm appreciation,

Cassendre Xavier
aka Amethyste Rah, Amrita Waterfalls, and Endowed Goddess
renaissance negresse (musician, writer, fine artist, actress)
Multi-media healing artist
Founder of the Women's Writing & Spoken Word Series (est. 2002)
Founder & Executive Director of the Black Women's Arts Festival (est. 2003)
Fundraiser link (please share!):
*Special hello to Gretchen-not-Gwen!-Elise, and A Certain Anonymous Donor :)

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