Sunday, January 22, 2017

Goddess Sundays: Tired & Creative

Goddess Sundays

Where every week we explore feminine aspects of the divine.

by Cassendre Xavier

Dear Friends,

I'm very tired right now and I'm thinking: I don't really want to write this. And I know I have the choice not to. But I also know two things: 1) That I made a commitment to myself to write this piece every week. And being faithful to myself in this way feels good. I realize it won't always be comfortable or easy, but like physical exercise or any other practice of discipline, I feel good performing the task. It increases my self-esteem and makes me think I am doing well.

We won't always feel good about everything we do. We may be exhausted as we're doing it, and often feel like we don't want to continue. We can choose to leave that task, or we can choose to re-commit to it. Just because you are tired doesn't mean you have lost all your steam. It doesn't mean it's all over. It just means you need a rest. It means you are humyn, and it certainly means you have been active, and that's a good thing!

One thing that can help us to remain active and creative when we're tired is to remember that we don't need a ton of energy to be creative. Creative energy is released in parts, some parts are big and bold, and others are slow and subtle. Some are hard and some are soft.

When you are very tired and you want to continue, continue working, continue living, continue creating, and you don't know how you will, remember:

1) You can rest. Take a break. That doesn't mean you are no longer creative, alive, or active. Take a break. Say no to people sometimes. Disappear. And feel okay about this.

2) Remember that you don't need to know the whole picture or the whole project before you begin. You can start even as you are exhausted. You can begin at whatever stage of development or energetic level you are. Too often, we hold back from starting something we're excited about because we don't think we have enough yet. We think we have to be smarter, thinner, richer, better put together insofar as what our lives look like "on paper". But all we really need to do is say what we want to do and begin somewhere. Anywhere. All you need to do is think, 'I'm ready" and write that down for yourself - your dream. And begin. Begin even if you're tired. And don't worry if you don't know exactly what you're doing or what the end product of your creation will be. This is the way geniuses work - afraid, insecure, but with the fire of their conviction - of their vision.

Right now I'm very tired, but I'm also full of faith, passion, and the creative energy that created you and me.

I am here, I am alive, and I'm doing things that support me in continuing to be so.

We can all do this, and at any stage.

May this message energize you to action, and improved faith and good feelings.

Stay well and thrive!

Cassendre Xavier

Wisdom Magazine Columnist since May 2009

(c) Copyright 2017 by Cassendre Xavier. All rights reserved.

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