Monday, January 30, 2017

Erotica vs. Pornography & Angel Message: "Relax & Don't Worry"

Dear Friends & Strangers!

I just recorded a:
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and felt compelled to transcribe and share with you the angel message.
Another reason to do this is that I sometimes update the Inspiration Line message more than once a day, so you may miss this one if you don't receive notice in time. I hope this helps!


Message from the *Angels
by Amethyste Rah (CX)

"Relax, Don't Worry"

Relax, don't worry. Relax. Don't worry.
Times are hard for a lot of people.
Trump's having been elected has made it so hard people are feeling physical ramifications like chest pain, increased blood pressure, and overall extreme anxiety. People are trying to predict the future from different angles and different directions.
But all that doesn't matter. All that matters is you. And that you stay calm. And focus on what YOU need to do to feel better and get yourself back to normal.
You are the only one who can be in charge of that.
And the best way to do that is to relax. Be still. Take slow breaths.
Make yourself feel better, then seek within for answers on what your next step should be.
Many are called to activism at this time. To resist harmful governmental proposed change.
There are many things that people can do.
Relaxing and releasing worry will clear the way for those options to be discovered.
Know and remember that if you want to increase world peace, relax.
Relax, and don't worry.

(*Angels are the arms and thoughts of God. They are non-denominational and available to all who call upon them for divine guidance, wisdom, and protection.)

(c) Copyright 2017 by Cassendre Xavier (aka Amethyste Rah). All rights reserved.
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