Wednesday, December 14, 2016

YouTube Topic channel has wrong avatar!

I just posted this in a YouTube feedback forum:

YouTube generated a "Topic" channel about me, but used someone else's pic as the avatar! Here is the channel: "Cassendre Xavier" My own YouTube channel is - so you can see what I actually look like. Interestingly enough the avatar pic used for the Topic channel is by someone I know - another YouTube creator, whose name is Kasheera "KASH" and who is the first persun I've known to ever do a cover of one of my songs. Perhaps whoever created the Topic channel about me preferred her looks to mine? I don't get it, but you gotta use the right pic. It's the Cassendre Xavier Topic channel, not the KASH one.
 Looking forward to feedback, or better yet, correction.


Cassendre Xavier
(not Kasheera "KASH") 

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