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Raw Angel Blog – May 26, 2016


I'm very constipated due to lots of soy protein shake yesterday and not enough fruit and water. I wanted to eliminate last night at 6:30pm, but no go, then I wanted to again at 10:00pm, but no go, and this morning at 7:30am. It's gettin' to be rigoddamdiculous! I wanted to poop at 9:30 this morning: Nothin'. 1:00pm: Finally, but a goddamn pebble! And then at 6:30pm. Finally!! My lower belly was starting to hurt a little. Then at 10:15am – bettuh!


6:50am – 6 dried apricots, 3 prunes (dried plums)

7:30am – 1 small single serving container Rice Krispies cold cereal with ½ pint 2% milk

9:00am – 1 pint 2% milk

10:30am – 1 pint 2% milk

12:00pm – Canadian bacon sandwich on while wheat; sweetened iced tea, tiny salad of iceberg lettuce

12:30pm – vending machine: 1 package Doritos, 1 Goldberg's Peanut Chews (which are surprisingly high in fat and were originally a WWI ration food. Basically counts as a whole meal. Not a good choice of snack for someone trying to get more fit n' fine)

7:00pm – 6 bananas

7:00pm-8:00pm – Celery, package of cilantro, turmeric, dressing of ACV; 1 can water-packed sardines, ¾ bag Ranch tortilla chips


In order to keep my youthful glow and cheerful disposition, I um, "take care of my own needs" on a daily or at least twice-weekly basis. This is when my physical health is good and my stress level is as well.

Yesterday I didn't feel like diddling at all. Didn't even ponder, pontificate, or plan the pleasure portion of my day (did ya like all those "p's"? You're welcome!)

I realized this morning when I had a few minutes to "rub one out" (as my penile-packin' pals would say) and I no interest, I connected it with my constipation without representation. So I must get to unclogging forthwith, and keeping myself stocked of the required fiber and fluids to keep my frontal reggione flowin' as can and used to be and usually is.

Eat your fruit and get it on!

This ends my public service announcement of the day. You're welcome. :)


They helped me to be calm and balanced.


They helped me stay balanced and they helped restore my inner peace. They helped me balance my emotions, and better manage my meals and my daily challenges. They also helped me to stay positive through my challenges.


"In the beginning there was us. This is why we are so well suited for your form and your spirit. You are one of the best carriers of our life-expanding gifts and wisdom.

When you are in a space of not eating us, there is not a spiritual price to pay but there is a physical price to pay. Of course you are not a bad persun, you are not being bad or doing bad things.

But when you do go on without us for even the shortest period of time – a period of time in which you experience the lack of having us in your life and in your belly, the lack is a palpable physical one. It is a loss. Your form is punished by the lack of our gifts of minerals, fiber, filtered water, indeed all of what we have naturally, to empower you. And your body also cries because it is/you are aware of your having deprived us, the living plants, of the blessed journey we would have taken as participants of this glorious life through you.

So much wonder is here for us to experience together. But we do not beg. We entice and invite you with our colors, our flavors, and our vibration.

If you are spiritually open enough to hear, see, or otherwise sense our presence, you will know we are reaching out to you and you will respond.

Listen closely to your senses, and hear, see, or otherwise sense our call.

Then move toward us and put us in your belly.

In time your wounded, living plant-deprive self will slow down enough and vibrate fast enough to then savor and enjoy us in your mouth on a regular basis.

But for now, let's just get together. We want you and you need us. We should be together. Lettuce dance."


"What, if any, feelings or sense do you have that certain living plants are calling out or attracted to you? Describe the senses of their calling. List the particular plants you're drawn to and are drawn to you."


"We know you've heard us say this before, and that you really don't like being told things repeatedly, but we feel you need to hear this a lot and be reminded of the best, most loving way to view everything about yourself, especially your body and other people: Look through your spiritual eyes.

When you look at your body, look at it in its entirety. See it as the scientific wonder that it is. This will neutralize much for you. Yet your body is much more than a tool or even only your vehicle. It is a wonder that is yours in a way that nothing else on earth is or could ever be.

If matter truly mattered, your body would be the most precious thing you own. When you look out at it this way, nothing can hurt your self-image. You and your body are precious, period. Lover or no lover, weight issues or no weight issues. Precious. Period. Keep looking at it that way until it looks that way to you. We are returning. God blesses you all ways, you see how we love you, and Good-bye for now."


The reason I put raw foods before angel spirituality is because while the angels can help with every aspect of life, I have found that raw foods (what I call the living plants) provide the most immediate physical changes I've needed in my recovery from food addiction and obesity. But the problem for me was that raw foods created changes in my body that were too rapid for me to handle as a survivor of child sexual abuse, and as a persun living with Bipolar Disorder. My body would start shrinking too fast, too soon, and I wasn't sophisticated or knowledgeable enough with raw foods to know which ones to eat that wouldn't throw me into a manic episode. Raw vegan foods are very high vibration and while that is wonderful for eradicating symptoms of depression, a diet too high in sweet or even non-sweet foods, without enough greens or grounding root vegetables, can create havoc in a person with BPD.

What I've found is that raw foods plus angel spirituality have helped me the most in dealing with these issues. After decades of dieting and exploring various paths of spirituality, I now believe that a diet rich in raw vegan foods, plus healthy, whole cooked foods (macrobiotics are an excellent example and a personal favorite of mine for various reasons) plus the powerful, nondenominational and effective assistance of God's angelic helpers, can be instrumental to anyone seeking to heal their body, empower their spirits, recover and reclaim their lives. 

Make yourself a beautiful day!

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