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Raw Angel Blog – May 25, 2016


Trader Joe's Soy Protein Powder (highly nutritionary!)







6:45am – 4 dried apricots, 3 prunes (dried plums)

10:30am-12:30pm – 1 can water-packed sardines, 23oz thick soy protein shake (diluted unsweetened almond milk, organic molasses, 6 packets stevia, 5 scoops Trader Joe's soy protein powder), dark chocolate

6:30pm-6:45pm – stuffed shells (low-fat ricotta cheese, red sauce), frozen mixed vegetables


Let's say one is least groomed (unwashed, unkempt, smelly) and 10 is the most or best (dressed really well, fancy, dandy, according to one's own style and self-expression), I'm at maybe a 6 or maybe a 5 on really challenging days.

I need to have several things in place first before I can consistently look better. Or is that true? What do I need? It isn't money. Perhaps it's time? Perhaps it's energy? Those are things I can change now.


I'm grateful to have one man in my life who provides sweetness and support and validation via voicemails, texts, and emails. We met in may 2015, hooked up again several times since then (including dinner, visiting three bookstores, and the like, not always in bed!) We may get together again sometime, but right now we're still connected and connecting via voice, text, and email. This, while "complicated" and not without its sour points, is still more sweet than it is bitter, and for that I am appreciative.

I am grateful to have a fetish play partner I've been with for over two years. I call him My orgasm giver, and many other things only My FetLife audience knows or reads.

I have stopped my lover-attracting rituals in favor of redirecting my erotic and creative energies to non-lover-related goals. Today's my deadline for my monthly Wisdom Magazine article contribution. I submitted to the editor a new article in my "Soulmate Attraction for the Rest of Us" series. It's called "It's Complicated". If accepted, it will run on June 1, 2016. [At the time of this blog's transcription, on May 30, 2016, the article was accepted and will run as expected!] In the article, I talk about redirecting erotic energy and accepting and enjoying the good in less-than-ideal relationship circumstances. I'm single but I have myself as and consider myself to be my primary partner. I have a pleasure partner, and I appreciate all the fullness and good stuff in my life.


They helped me to be calm and balanced.


They helped me stay balanced and they helped restore my inner peace. They helped me balance my emotions, and better manage my meals and my daily challenges. They also helped me to stay positive through my challenges.


I noticed I hadn't been eating or drawn to brown rice these days. And that I've switched to celery to go with whatever salty or meaty portion of my meal I'm enjoying. Then the angels showed me:

"Look how important it is to eat a varied, balanced diet. All raw isn't ideal, all meat isn't ideal, all carbs isn't idea. All anything isn't ideal. A little of everything that turns you on dietarily is good. That is the best. Whatever you like. Whatever you think or know is good for your body. Eat what you love and what you eat will love you. We are here to show you what real, true love is. We know you need a lot of help with that. Don't feel bad about it. Just let us help you with every thing. Every little or huge thing. We're here for you.

Moderation is much more challenging for you than eating the foods that are good and right for you. So we want you to focus on getting to know yourself, know your tastebuds, know your body's own unique needs, getting to know how much your stomach can take. Getting to know what you really enjoy and what you can do without. We would like you to just be there, in that comfy dance for now. Be in that comfy bed, that comfy place. And it'll be a while before we work on moderation. You've often said you "have a hate-hate relationship with food". We are here to help you get to love-love. After all, love is our ultimate goal for you, what we know you are made of and what we are helping you get back to, using God-made food and us angels, to reach those goals of self-love, radiant health, balanced relationships, and right livelihood. Good blesses you all ways. You see how we love you. Good-bye for now."


Where are you? These days of no fruit except one meal of dried fruit are kind of hard on us. And we are you, so it's hard on your body too. We hope you'll be back soon. We really, really miss you!


The reason I put raw foods before angel spirituality is because while the angels can help with every aspect of life, I have found that raw foods (what I call the living plants) provide the most immediate physical changes I've needed in my recovery from food addiction and obesity. But the problem for me was that raw foods created changes in my body that were too rapid for me to handle as a survivor of child sexual abuse, and as a persun living with Bipolar Disorder. My body would start shrinking too fast, too soon, and I wasn't sophisticated or knowledgeable enough with raw foods to know which ones to eat that wouldn't throw me into a manic episode. Raw vegan foods are very high vibration and while that is wonderful for eradicating symptoms of depression, a diet too high in sweet or even non-sweet foods, without enough greens or grounding root vegetables, can create havoc in a person with BPD.

What I've found is that raw foods plus angel spirituality have helped me the most in dealing with these issues. After decades of dieting and exploring various paths of spirituality, I now believe that a diet rich in raw vegan foods, plus healthy, whole cooked foods (macrobiotics are an excellent example and a personal favorite of mine for various reasons) plus the powerful, nondenominational and effective assistance of God's angelic helpers, can be instrumental to anyone seeking to heal their body, empower their spirits, recover and reclaim their lives. 

Make yourself a beautiful day!

Cassendre Xavier

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