Thursday, May 12, 2016

Trivia about "Gonads & Ovaries Intro" track!

Please enjoy the "Gonads & Ovaries Intro" track of my album "Live at Tin Angel", which Philadelphia City Paper music critic M. J. Fine honorably mentioned as the #9 of "Top 21 Local EPs of 2007" (honorably mentioned only because live albums were not officially eligible. Still flattered, though!)
TRIVIA: 2:38-2:54 of this track is one of my favorite segments of all 7 of my musical albums so far. It's me goofing with the audience, and when I ask them a certain question (you have to hear it for yourself!) they laugh - the sweetest sound to a goofard such as myself! But one man's guffaw rings out over the rest, and I tell you I must've played that back at least 26 times when I got that recording home the first time.
Also, the album technically was released in 2006. But I wasn't gonna turn down the accolades for 2007! ;)
MORE TRIVIA: Whenever I sell CDs, even if it's one CD to one persun, I like to listen to my own copy of it when I get home, to imagine their experience of hearing my songs. This is very enjoying and fulfilling to do! (And I thank you for being my reading audience because I've never articulated it before!)
Also, the "Monica" and "Will" I mention in the track are my amazing co-bills at the time Monica McIntyre and Will Brock!
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