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Raw Angel Blog & Angel Messages! 5-17-16

        by Cassendre Xavier


TODAY'S FEATURES! Messages from the Angels! Messages from the Living Plants! Messages from High Level Guides! Recommended Reading & Audio Materials! Plus the  usual sweet country goodness, and a generous sprinkling of exclamation points!


Intro: Where I share my journey of combining the living plants with angel spirituality to heal lifelong eating imbalance, manage the symptoms of Bipolar Disorder and Posttraumatic Stress Disorder, and reverse hypertension, to attain and maintain radiant health. (Continued at the end of this message.)









11:30pm – Fina-frikkin'ly! 12 hours without a pooping, that's unhoid of!


EATINGS (Foodstuffs/Nutrimentation/Fuelage/Sustainery/Self-Nurturality)

7:30am – 4 dried apricots; 4 prunes

11:30am – 10oz 1% milk

12:40pm-1:99pm 0 graham crackers, with 1% golden milk (with turmeric)

3:00pm-3:30pm – 1 tin of water-packed sardines, graham crackers, 1% golden milk

5:30pm-6:15pm – same as above


ON CHANNELING: I have always channeled information, as a writer and as a musician - artists are natural channels. I began studying and practicing spiritual mediumship in the 90s. I really enjoy writing these spiritual messages for my readers and hope you enjoy and are helped by them as much as they've helped me! I also hope my writing inspires other lightworker/healing artists to begin, continue, or expand their writing and/or spiritually-based creative endeavors! (I include in my "Recommended Reading" list books on channeling that I've found very helpful!)



Dearest One – You notice so many things! You noticed your attraction to organic matter. You have noticed that other creatures are like this. You know and have seen cats drink water with moss growing on top of it. You are like a cat in that you need some roughage in your belly.

 You have lamented your current difficulty in preparing for yourself luscious, fresh plants.

 One way you can get more living plants. Take time with friends. Schedule time to prepare your daily salad. Schedule time to eat with friends. That is all for now.



It was very good what you did last night – how you hugged yourself!

 We are hugging and lovin' up on you always (all ways), but we are not able to provide for you the physical you need. Only you can provide for you the physical you need. Only you can provide that self0love for yourself regardless of whether or not you are partnered or living with friends or family of choice who can validate and assure you every night and every day. You must provide that for yourself. Not to be more attractive and magnetic to the love you seek (which naturally you will be as It Is Law: As Within, So Without), but because even if you weren't abused, even if you didn't have a mental illness, even if you didn't have addiction issues, you would need daily assurance.

 You are humyn. We are here to assist, support and empower you. That is all for now.



Remember you are not alone. (Not unless you're the "Cast Away" guy!). find others who can help you, and know that you'll be helping them, too, in some way.

 Others have succeeded before you. You do not have to reinvent that wheel. Stay with us. Know that we are always with, for, and near you. We want nothing but yourself. You are lucky and supported to enjoyment. That is all for now.



You are doing well. And making good progress. Hugging yourself again tonight. Made yourself feel loved. Go to others. Be there for others. That is all for now.



The angels love you so much. They don't know how to feel any other way except love, joy, and peace, and variations on those themes.

 The angels live to serve God, who created them in part for the purpose of being helpful and healing to humyns. There was no learning their expertise.

Let the angels help you. The angels want to help you with any problems you might encounter – any challenge. They want you to give them an opportunity to make things easier and better. Look within for the angels. Look to the angels, not unto troubles. The angels will plant ideas into your consciousness. They love you. They're effective. Don't miss an opportunity to learn from them. Don't miss an opportunity to let them help you. Don't miss an opportunity to experience their healing.

Make an ongoing list of your success with the angels. List your painful triggers and let them help you. Let the angels heal you. Let the angels help you. Let the angels love you and teach you how to love yourself, and others.



They helped me to be calm and balanced.



They helped me stay balanced and they helped restore my inner peace. They helped me balance my emotions, and better manage my meals and my daily challenges. They also helped me to stay positive through my challenges.




The reason I put raw foods before angel spirituality is because while the angels can help with every aspect of life, I have found that raw foods (what I call the living plants) provide the most immediate physical changes I've needed in my recovery from food addiction and obesity. But the problem for me was that raw foods created changes in my body that were too rapid for me to handle as a survivor of child sexual abuse, and as a persun living with Bipolar Disorder. My body would start shrinking too fast, too soon, and I wasn't sophisticated or knowledgeable enough with raw foods to know which ones to eat that wouldn't throw me into a manic episode. Raw vegan foods are very high vibration and while that is wonderful for eradicating symptoms of depression, a diet too high in sweet or even non-sweet foods, without enough greens or grounding root vegetables, can create havoc in a person with BPD.

What I've found is that raw foods plus angel spirituality have helped me the most in dealing with these issues. After decades of dieting and exploring various paths of spirituality, I now believe that a diet rich in raw vegan foods, plus healthy, whole cooked foods (macrobiotics are an excellent example and a personal favorite of mine for various reasons) plus the powerful, nondenominational and effective assistance of God's angelic helpers, can be instrumental to anyone seeking to heal their body, empower their spirits, recover and reclaim their lives.



I am forever thankful for The Living Plants and Where They Come From.


And I am also thankful to my readers. I appreciate your time and positive energy.




(Intro continued)

I first tried raw veganism in 1996, then joined the raw food community in 2005, trained in raw food prep at Arnold's Way Raw Vegetarian Cafe & Education Center in Lansdale, PA in 2007. I also lived in Lansdale's raw food community in that year, and began raw blogging with my "Green Smoothie Raw Blog", which later became "Raw Angel Transformation." I published my first raw food print and ebook in 2009. To order the ebook, please email cxwriting(at)gmail.com.



Cassendre Xavier is the author of Expanding Your Capacity for Joy: A Raw Vegan Comfort Book, Sourcebook, and Journal (ARtivist Publications/2009). She has written a monthly column on various topics including raw foods and angel spirituality, at Wisdom Magazine's online edition since 2009. Under her self-assigned spiritual name Amethyste Rah, she has released a guided meditation album series  Affirmations for Survivors. She also has a vibrant YouTube channel where she also shares her raw food journey: http://youtube.com/cassendrexavier. For more information please visit http://cassendrexavier.com.


[Pictured: Cassendre with a huge bunch of collards, wearing a t-shirt from her former employer and raw vegan training center, Arnold's Way.]



1.      12 Steps to Raw Foods: How to End Your Dependency on Cooked Food by Victoria Boutenko

2.      Raw Family: A True Story of Awakening by Victoria Boutenko

3.      Eating for Beauty by David Wolfe

4.      Losing Your Pounds of Pain by Doreen Virtue

5.      The Secret Life of Plants: a Fascinating Account of the Physical, Emotional, and Spiritual Relations Between Plants and Man, by Peter Tomkins    

6.      The Lightworker's Way: Awakening Your Spiritual Power to Know and Heal, by Doreen Virtue, PhD     

7.      The Angel Therapy Handbook, by Doreen Virtue

8.      Opening to Channel: How to Connect with Your Guide, by Sanaya Roman    & Duane Packer, PhD   



1.      Healing Your Appetite, Healing Your Life, by Doreen Virtue

2.      Creating Your Ideal Body, an Orin course by Sanaya Roman

3.      Affirmations for Survivors: Self-Love, Guided Meditations by Amethyste Rah (aka Cassendre Xavier), with Music of Light by Thaddeus

4.      Sexual Healing with the Angels, by Cassendre Xavier

5.      The channeling materials (print, e-books, audio books, courses, guided meditations, etc.) by Sanaya Roman and Duane Packer



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