Monday, May 9, 2016

Raw Angel Blog May 9, 2016 Part 1/2 - Angels of Comfort

Today I had a couple of dried apricots and three prunes for breakfast.
Then at 2pm I had 2 bananas and 6 mangoes. I didn't eat the 6 mangoes in one sitting. Or rather I did, I just stretched them out, two by two, as I did other things. They were delicious and exactly what I wanted. I love mangoes and they're very good for you. For me.
I still overate, though. But I felt the angels say, "It's okay. You don't need to go from zero to a hundred in two days. You've been doing something for 47 years. Give yourself some time. Eating too much isn't good, but eating too many mangoes is much better than eating too much pizza."
So, I have some brown rice and some local spinach (raw) I could not pass up, so vibrant and DARK it was. I will have that with sardines and maybe some celery (raw).
I'm not happy about the starlight mints I've been popping all day to counteract the coughing side effect of the diuretic I'm on for my hypertension.
Can't wait to be able to juice and blend again (soon) so I can use dandelion juice instead. Or just put dandelion in my green smoothies. Dandelion is not only a very strong diuretic, but it also has tons of other health benefits, and no side effects.
As I work on some serious time-sensitive goals, I'm reminded that the living plants are the finest fuel. I will be able to do much more, and think more clearly with more organic matter in my system - that was made by God and not by man.


Oh, and I also have some milk, mozzarella cheese, and chocolate candy to enjoy for dessert. I'm proud of myself for having made the best choices in each. 2% instead of whole, 2 packs of string cheese instead of 3, less candy instead of more.
One step at a time.
Make yourself a beautiful day!

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