Thursday, December 17, 2015

Angels & Law of Attraction: Feeling Better Transforms Situations

When has worrying about something ever actually helped you?

Instead of worrying, try turning it over to the angels and asking them to help you feel better about it.

When you ask the angels to help you feel better about a situation, you'll receive that AND simple divine guidance!

Sometimes when you ask the angels to help you feel better about a situation, relief comes only after you've taken their advice.

Yesterday I asked the angels to help me feel better about a badly run therapy group. I was so upset my stomach hurt. The angels showed me how the unprofessional facilitator was trying, seeking, and needing approval. I did and suddenly felt a great deal of compassion. The angels then told me to participate. As usual, it was a very firm yet gentle direction. I somewhat reluctantly did and almost immediately the situation began to transform itself! Other participants seemed to feel more heartened, the facilitator even improved a bit, the vibe became much more positive, things flowed more smoothly, and I felt soooo much better during, and especially after the session! Thank you angels! <3


Make yourself a beautiful day!

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