Wednesday, November 4, 2015

You Don't Have to be Flexible to Do Yoga!

Dear Friends!

"This is a statue in Siena Italy. All bodies can do yoga." -Dianne Bondy, a popular and self-described "fat, black yoga teacher".
I also think it's imporant to make space for the differently abled yoga students and teachers, who may appear perfectly athletic, but actually have flexibility issues or chronic joint (wrist, knee) pain, like, oh, I don't, for example! (Just for starters!) 
 I share this because usually when I see superbig gals teaching yoga, they are also super flexible. I don't think I was flexible at age 5! I think we've seen big and flexible teachers. I'm here to represent the not so big and not so flexible! Anyone can do yoga, especially Kundalini yoga (a very powerful, life-transforming yoga which I practice and teach). 
 If you'd like to do yoga, and are concerned about flexibility or chronic pain issues, don't let them hold you back. In recent years we've seen many large-bodied yoga teachers, so we now know that's possible. 
 I encourage you to feel comfortable in the skin you're in, and the body you have to work with right now. It's the most wonderful body in the world, because it's yours! And it has served you well and will continue to serve you until the day you decide you're ready to leave this plane. Don't wait until you can touch your toes or bend over backwards and touch the floor with your tongue! If you can breath and you can move, period, you're ready for yoga!
 I invited you to join me next week for my Empowering Affirmations Yoga class, at Ahimsa House in West Philly. It's on 2nd & 4th Wednesdays at 7:30pm, through December 9th! We'll do yoga, breathing, guided meditations and imagery, and speak and bless one another with "I/you" affirmations we create together. You know..."the usual"! :)
P.S. Don't be swayed by low number of invitees or confirmed. Folks have been attending, and it's not because I send invites, because 1) Who has time for that? The renaissance negresse sure doesn't! And 2) Confirmed "Yes's" never meant diddly anyway, and trust me, I've been on The Facebooks for years. I just post the event there so you know about it. :)
Wishing you healing and joy,


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