Wednesday, November 25, 2015

My Yoga Class Cancelled Tonight for Holiday!

Hello, Dear Friends!

I just received clearance to cancel my "Empowering Affirmations Yoga" class tonight. I'm feeling cold and sad because of tomorrow's holiday, and I also didn't want to go and wait to a possibly empty room due to the folks being out of town. But I didn't want to cancel if other Ahimsa House yoga teachers were still teaching today... 
 So I asked and learned that "folks are canceling classes as they wish for the holidays and we're not asking for substituting teachers because so many folks are out of town". So, whoo-hoo!!!
 Not that I don't absolutely LOVE my "Empowering Affirmations Yoga" class, mind you, but I just would prefer not to go out into the cold tonight, and stay in and write (I just submitted my Wisdom Magazine December submission by the way, whoo-hoo!).

All for now and next time my yoga class meets is Wednesday, December 9th, 7:30pm-8:45pm, at Ahimsa House in West Philadelphia

Hope to see you (or feel your positive vibeage comin' our way) there!

In healing and community,


[Pictured from left to right: Myself, lecturers and workshop presenters Kai R. Oceans, and Dr. Sunlight Little, at my "Empowering Affirmations Yoga" presentation at the 9th Black Women's Arts Festival, October 24-25, 2015 at The Rotunda, in West Philly. Photo credit: Gina Renzi, Director of The Rotunda.]

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