Sunday, November 29, 2015

Goddess Sundays: The Goddess & Acceptance

​The Goddess is all about acceptance. We see this in childbirth and childcare, for example.  No matter how painful, wimmin and other female creatures (besides the greatly troubled ones), accept their lot, and breathe through it all to birth and care for their creations. If we need to take three jobs to support our children or other creative projects, without the aid of male support, we will and we do it with much beauty, grace, and above all, acceptance.
 So, if you are seeking to be more accepting of certain aspects of your life, call upon the  Goddess who will show you how. Woman, man (or other), this truth is available to all who seek Her.​

​~Cassendre Xavier
renaissance negresse

​(c) Copyright 2015. All rights reserved.​

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