Monday, November 23, 2015

Collards Washed in Tub & Iced Tea Horror Story

Someone posted this image on Facebook of collard greens being washed in somebody's bathtub, with the caption "No, thanks, I'm good." 

There were plenty of comments, mostly people saying that's why they don't eat at strangers' homes (recalling the Seinfeld episode in which Kramer washes his dishes in the shower). Some did say they grew up on the South or with lots of siblings and saw greens being washed in the tub, having shared often in this task themselves.
 They said their grandma would just clean the tub really well. I can attest to this, as I know my grandmothers were very clean, too.

I added to this thread, the following experience from years back:

Here's a story for ya. One time I went to a new friend's friend's house for dinner. Me, her, her female friend and that female friend's husband. We sat at the table and ate food that was there - plates, silverware - everything looked normal. Then, the female host went to the fridge and brought out a translucent white pitcher of amber liquid that appeared to be iced tea. She brought it to the table and we proceeded to pour it. It was indeed iced tea - sweetened. 
We ate and had occasionally strange conversation in which the host likened herself to Christ, mentioning having honey and milk in her mouth...etc. My new friend confirmed that she was indeed implying that she was the Messiah. You know, the usual!?
After our meal, that female host then stood, went to get the iced tea pitcher and one by one, emptied the contents of our iced tea glasses back into that pitcher, and then returned that pitcher to the refrigerator. 
Now, knowing that I may have drunk the backwash of any number of strangers, I was convinced that was the horror story of the year.
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