Saturday, October 24, 2015

Festival Line-Up Update!


Rorie Still​ and Sharai Robbin​'s vending tables are set up, Dr. Sunlight LIttle's reflexology and supplements and natural cosmetics also are ready for your use and enjoyment! 
 We're running a little behind schedule, but Kai R. Oceans and I are about to do our yogas (my "Empowering Affirmations Yoga")!

12:00pm - Dr. Sunlight Little is scheduled to do a lecture on "The Amazing Benefits of Raw Foods!" 

1:00pm - Sharai Robbin reads from her bestselling novel "Candace Reign"

2:00pm - Stella Whiteman, sci fi author reads from her work.

2:30pm - Rorie Still, sci fi author reads from her work.

3:00pm - Krista Nelson, motivational speaker and personal growth author of several books lectures

4:00pm - Sharai, Stella, Rorie, and Krista speak on self-publishing using CreateSpace

5:00pm - All-People's Open Mic begins (including music by BWAF founder/director Cassendre Xavier). Walk-in, sign up- and share or plug your work!

6:00pm - Kai R. Oceans and Amethyste Rah (Cassendre Xavier) conduct Angel Readings, Aura Readings and Ancestor/Spirit Guide Readings on audience members. 

7:00pm - Jennifer Bennett shows three of her films

8:00pm - Monica McIntyre performs music.

Join us!

All for free at The Rotunda, 4014 Walnut St, Phila, PA 19104 til 10pm!


Make yourself a beautiful day!

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