Saturday, May 16, 2015

Thank you! (GoFundMe "Move" Report)

Dear Friends,

Thank you for your patience and understanding as I post this GoFundMe for a campaign created to help me move by April 30.
In all, you generously donated $1,160 of my requested $2,000.
I did move from the suburbs to the city of Philadelphia on Sunday May 3rd, putting my things into storage.
I am very happy to be back in the city where I can get around much better. I am in the process of acquiring the support (including health insurance effective May 15!) I need to become once again financially independent and otherwise self-sufficient. I am definitely in a position different than I've ever been before, and am willing to do the work needed to make changes in my life that are lasting. No more short-term residencies and stop-gap, temporary measures to a problem that needs more care and attention.
I will be sharing more of my current situation in my museletter "Me! Me! Me!" and other forthcoming works you can learn about if you join my official email list (by sending a blank email to: ), read my blog ( or follow me on The Twitters ( and The Facebooks (
Thank you all (especially my closest dear friends and family members not listed here, as well as GoFundMe donors Cecilia Adam, Janet Kalkstein, Anonymous, Stacy Lorin Merkl, Tinesha Davis, John Holloway, Ceil Adam, Rupert Wates, Anonymous, Silvia A., and Anonymous) for your continued support of (including prayers and well-wishes for) my art/work, and therefore, life.
Cassendre Xavier
renaissance negresse & ARTrepreneur
Multi-Media Healing Artist
Humyn, being.
Music & Guided Meditation Recordings:
The Black Women's Arts Festival (founder & exec. director)
The Women's Writing & Spoken Word Series
YouTube Channel (music, raw food prep, spirituality, poems, humor/parodies, etc.)


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