Thursday, May 7, 2015

Healthcare for the renaissance negresse!

Dear Friends,

I posted earlier today on The Facebooks and The Twitters the following:

"One of my tasks today is selecting which free healthcare plan I want. We should all be so lucky."

To which one persun responded:

"That's what I need."

And the rest is how I responded. May it help who it may :)

Since ObamaCare started, I have tried 3 times to apply online with no success. All kinds of snafus. The only thing that has ever worked is submitting an application at the County Assistance Office (CAO). And the fastest thing is to either deliver it in persun (make sure you get a receipt of deposit) or mailing it in. Don't waste your time sitting with a case manager. It's unnecessary. If you already have food stamps (as I do), and you only need health insurance, just apply for that (same application, you just check off what you need). In that application, you can check if you're also applying for other benefits (such as food stamps/SNAP/EBT or cash assistance). In this case I was only applying for medical insurance.
I'm pretty sure even if you're totally healthy you will receive health insurance if your income is low enough. In my case, I have physical and mental health issues that may have expedited my approval. My health concerns are very common (high blood pressure/hypertension, bipolar disorder and depression), so I list them here for folks who can identify to also consider getting more support if you've been delaying doing so for whatever reason.
I have heard from friends who have greatly benefited from applying for healthcare, whether they're employed and are just saving hundreds or thousands of dollars annually in healthcare, or un- or under-employed and on other forms of public assistance.
Here is a link to all the CAOs in Philadelphia and nearby:
You can scroll down to "Philadelphia" and see if you can find your district. Go to your district's "CAO", ask for an application for welfare benefits, and fill it out according to your needs. Be sure it's completely filled out to the best of your ability. You'll need to bring info about your income, Driver/Non-Driver State ID number, etc. Then leave it there, and get a receipt of deposit. Or take it with you and fill it out from home or office, and then deliver it in person or mail it in.

If you're not sure what your district is, do the same at:

Philadelphia County Assistance OfficeHeadquarters
801 Market Street
Philadelphia, PA 19107
Phone: 215-560-7226

Very best wishes to you and may you be insured soon. Our president worked hard to make that possible :)

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