Saturday, February 7, 2015

In the Studio with Giscard Xavier (producer) (Just Be Good To Me/Cassendre Xavier)

Recorded on January 27, 2015 -- Check out 1:58-3:01 where Giscard Xavier (record producer, musician, and engineer) works on his sister Cassendre Xavier's rendition of S.O.S. Band's hit song "Just Be Good To Me" from HOPE, CX's 7th album and her first in 6 years. HOPE CD will be released at Tin Angel, in Philadelphia, on Friday, February 13th, 2015 and available to order in CD and download format soonafter at Official website

Giscard Xavier aka G.I.Z. (aka JEE EYE ZEE aka Crazy100) is a Grammy-nominated producer and published photographer. 

Services offered:
All aspects - photography, production, graphic design, engineering, artist development
Music and vocal production, studio recording, vocal lessons, mixing, mastering, graphic design
Photography and videography (music videos, documentary, shorts)
Spoken Word, poetry, affirmations, pop, R&b , folk, pretty much able to service any genre

List of previous clients
Wyclef Jean
Cassendre Xavier
Lil Kim
Ray J
Inspecktah Deck (Wu Tang Clan)
Kool G Rap
Brother J (X Clan)
All Saints
City High
Ohene Savant
Keith Murray
Univ of Minnesota
Brand Ambassador for Propellerheads

Contact G.I.Z. at:
Twitter: @itscrazy100
Delphic Visuals:

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