Wednesday, November 26, 2014

The Job of the Writer (new poem from "secrets & lies" 2015)

"If you're not willing to completely embarrass yourself on a regular basis, you can't be a strong artist." ~Cassendre Xavier, On Acting, Writing & Being

Dear Friends,

Please enjoy The Job of the Writer, a new poem and excerpt from my soon to be reissued "secrets & lies: poetry and other words"!

The job of the writer is to write
S/he must speak hir biggest fears and fantasies
regardless of the shaming or glory they may bring hir
The job of the writer is to become
That which s/he was created to be
And share the journey of her learnings and failings
Successes and hopes
Ridiculous embarrassings 
And improper grammar if s/he feels it
The writer is to be authentic
And figure out by hir work
Why s/he was born this way
S/he must rise to hir being.
The job of the writer 
is to say those things
One should never, ever say
The writer must say and mean it
And not be afraid of it
And not think hirself better nor worse for it
But simply be
Simply be a writer who writes.
The writer's life will depend, be healed
And glow brighter for hir efforts
At simply being
A writer.
The job of the writer is to be
To live, to experience, but above all
To abundantly, unashamedly, and unpretentiously
The job of the writer is
to create worlds. 
The mind of the writer
forms universes 
not seen before.
And through the spoken visions
of the writer
We change
Our world changes
Our universe becomes
What many dreamed
But could not say
For they were not writers
This is the job of the writer
To speak things of the heart
Which is the united and combined Heart
Of All
The job of the writer is to live
To create
To become
To learn
To succeed
To fail
To love
To remove the layers
Of what hides
Behind our strongest passions and repressed fears
The job of the writer is simply
To write
To write
And to write.

(c) Copyright 2014 by Cassendre Xavier. All rights reserved. Permission granted to share parts or all of this article as long as proper credit is given and URL is included:

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