Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Women's Writing Series Latest Schedule & Call for Features

Dear Friends:

I just spent some time inviting folks to feature at the Women's Writing & Spoken Word Series. 
The Women's Writing & Spoken Word Series (Est. 2002) is "a nurturing environment that celebrates women in the craft of multi-genre writing". It happens on 2nd Thursdays of the month, from 7pm-9pm, at Big Blue Marble bookstore in West Mt. Airy, Philadelphia. It's always free and open to the public, and always includes a Mixed-Gender Open Mic. Women writers from diverse backgrounds and at all levels of "accomplishment" are welcome to feature. Each event typically has two (2) features, who read/perform/share for up to 20 minutes each. In more recent years, we have video recorded featured readers and posted the clips to YouTube.

Would you like to be a feature? Please send the following for consideration:
~ A 200 maximum word bio about your writing. It can be written in a style that's as serious or as whimsical as you wish. Please include this bio in the body of the email - no attachments.
~ A pic attachment of yourself - face is best.
~ Public contact info (URLs of blog, website, Facebook, email address, etc.) This will be included at the end of your bio.
~ Answer to this question: May I or someone else on behalf of The Women's Writing & Spoken Word Series record a short video of you (1 to 5 minutes) to post publicly on YouTube/the internet?

Latest schedule:
Nov. 13: Victoria Brownworth; Lisa R. Nelson
Dec. 11: Phyllis Voren; To Be Announced (TBA)
Jan. 8: Debra D'Alessandro; TBA
Feb. 12: Susan DiPronio; TBA

As you can see, we get booked early and we get booked fast! So if you're interested, act now, for the offer, it ends soon!

Here's the link to our gracious hosting venue:
[Image: Official logo of the Women's Writing & Spoken Word Series: a handcrafted book by former Series feature Amira Hanafi, who now lives, writes, and makes art in Egypt.]

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