Friday, August 1, 2014

Grant Application Drama....Arrrgh!

Just spent 2 hours trying to resubmit my ID and Proof of Residency on the online arts grant application. I had technical difficulty sending them yesterday and thought sending email attachments would be just as good. Got an email today saying that's not the case. So the only option would be to send in person, and I'm several hours away and it's too late for the public transportation I do in the suburbs in which I temporarily reside. So even though everything else got in on time, and after 20 years of community arts work, my application may get thrown out on a technicality.
 Looking for the lessons in this for me: The first is to not stay too pissed if my application is disqualified. Second is to probably pratice forgiveness, including forgiveness of myself for waiting so long to apply. 
 The good news is I asked the angels to help and I believe in miracles, so maybe one will happen. Plus, I'm all about getting practice, and this is what that was. I'm not used to applying for grants. I haven't applied for one in 10 years, and I've never applied for one online. I hadn't figured there might be a technical problem and I'd need several days to fix it or go traveling to deliver documents in paper.
 Feeling better already. Better to learn now and possibly lose a smaller grant in the process as I build up practice to a larger grant. EFFWORD!!!!!!! Okay. All is well. 
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