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Amethyste Angels/Inner Wisdom: Clairaudience & Earplugs

As a Highly Sensitive Person (HSP) I've been accustomed to using earplugs and carrying them with me for years. I wear them on public transportation, mostly, especially on SEPTA buses and the Broad Street Line (BSL) when the automated announcements and beeps can be so loud they actually frighten as well as cause me physical pain.

When I first started carrying earplugs in the early 2000s, I told myself it was because I was a musician and didn't want to be like my 40-something boyfriends who were also musicians and damn dear deaf. They also tended to do construction and be around loud equipment.

I thought I was being smart and protecting my hearing, and when I'd see people of all ages, although usually in their teens and early 20s, wearing earbuds so loud I could clearly hear whatever they were listening to as I stood several feed away from them, I was extra proud of myself for doing what I could to make sure my ears and hearing were in good shape many years to come. (And sorry for that run-on sentence!)

So, for years I thought it was simply a matter of common sense and being a sophisticated and extra cautious musician, the way opera singers wear scarves around their necks to protect their singing voice, and classical violinists wear gloves to protect their surgeon-level important fingers.

Recently, however, I've begun to think perhaps there is something deeper.

First I saw a YouTube clip of Arielle Ford speaking in which she mentioned how much she hates bright lights as an HSP. Wow, I thought – I'm like that, too! Then after learning about HSPs, I realized I am one.

So, needing to shield my eardrums makes sense.

Even more recently, I have been so increasingly bothered by loud noises, and I've noticed that no one else around me is bothered, that I sought Divine guidance for more understanding. Surely all these people can't be deaf or hard of hearing. “Why am I suddenly so sensitive to these loud noises?” And this is the understanding I received back:

Your clairaudience is sharpening. You have been asking to become more receptive to various kinds of communication from Spirit, and this is one of the signs that your ability to hear, physically, mentally, and psychically, is becoming stronger and more powerful.”

I then searched online for articles about clairaudience and anyone who has used earplugs as I did, and I found plenty:, many of which listed other examples of when your “clear hearing” is getting stronger.

Remember, the angels or other loving spirit guides will never communicate with you in a way that frightens you, so you need never fear sending out the request to be more open to channeling, or other ways of receiving Divine messages.

Our inner knowing is infinitely wise and has many ways to assist us on our journey of increased joy and spiritual strength and clarity, for ourselves, and for others whom we intend to serve.



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