Thursday, May 8, 2014

Amethyste Angels - Everyday Divine Guidance

The angels really want us to call on them a lot, I’m learning! And the more we take time to communicate with them, the better our ability to hear or feel their answers. For the last two months I’ve been working on getting housemates for this new place I live in. I was going for an all-female vibe, and as of the last couple of days I was going to specify raw vegan-supportive and food abstinent. I had figured out the details from the rules of the kitchen (a long list of “No’s”) to how I was going to advertise (press and radio). Then I decided to ask the angels what they thought. I’d recently decided to talk to God a lot, like a friend, and also ask the angels for help as often as I can. Every time I asked God and the angels about the raw vegan wimmin’s house, I got complete silence. Nathan. Then, I asked them more questions, and I got a very clear message to make the house open to everyone who would want to live there, and secondly, they showed me I was trying to control something externally that I need to heal internally. Wowie zowie, batcakes! So, never doubt that consulting with your angels can be a very beneficial thing. Whereas before, I’ve been anxious and directive about forming the house structure, now, I have all the peace of doing the right thing, going with God’s blessings and extra support and guidance of the angels. Everything goes so much better with the angels!

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