Sunday, March 19, 2017

Inspiration Line Update: "The Power of Your Holistic Heart"!

Dear Friends (and Total Complete Strangers)!

I have just recorded a new message on my Free, 24-hour Inspiration Line for your enjoy-itude and inspirement...

You may listen at 215.552.8850

If you called a few days ago you would've have heard another message (themed: "Go with the Flow") which included a further update that I am no longer inviting donations for it, as doing so didn't create a buzz, and I'm all about the buzz, babykins!

In my message today, I say that your holistic heart is your:

a) Physical organ
b) Emotional guide
c) Center of wisdom and discernment

I also say that my friend O once shared (at a performance art piece at the Black Women's Arts Festival) that the heart develops BEFORE the brain. This should remind us to put our hearts first in life, and THEN our brains.

Lastly, I close with how when we live a heart-based/heart-centered life, we triple our power and effectiveness, have better relationships, and are much happier overall.

In between, I share some persunal stuff you can only experience if you call!

Thanks for being here. My audience ROCKS!

P.S. And special thanks to a reader in Oregon, for the heartfelt advice and encouragement about applying for disability!

In (he)art and community,


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