Thursday, March 9, 2017

diary of a renaissance negresse: Food & Drug Journal

diary of a renaissance negresse: journaling my whole self

by Cassendre Xavier

Thursday, March 9th, 2017

Food & Drug Journal: Managing Bipolar, PTSD, and Hypertension

I wish I could still my mind.
It's good that my therapist specializes in anxiety because, wow, have I got spades of it!

I am at a library, having just eaten a few large raw carrots, to take my lithium orotate with. I had hoped to take it with cold pressed extra virgin coconut oil, but I left the travel portion at the home of my current companion. Thankfully I do have the main, large container at my office. I find it very helpful to take a teaspoon of the stuff twice a day. It's good for the brain, gives you energy, and helps you lose weight. I have lost 2lbs since the 15th!! 
Here is what I believe contributed to the weight release:

a)High amount of kale daily - both raw and cooked
b)Apple cider vinegar daily
c)Lithium orotate turns out to act as a diuretic (says my psychiatrist whom I had my first session with today)
d)Green tea - also acts as a diuretic

Today my psychiatrist, in doing my psychiatric evaluation ("psych eval") and discussing my medications told me the following:

1)If you have hyperension (ongoing high blood pressure) you can and should still take medication, just find what works with your psych meds. For instance, I was taking an ACE inhibitor (lisinipril) and a diuretic (chlorothalidone), and stopped both in favor of the over the counter (OTC) mineral supplement lithium orotate (LO), which I had seen many positive reviews of by users with bipolar disorder. I have seen that it appears to also be a wonderful help to those with Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), I have both.
 Today is day 6 of being on LO and I feel good on it. I was afraid of telling that to my psych Dr., concerned that if I said I felt pretty good that I would no longer qualify for SSI, which I am in the process of collecting documents for the application of. She said that didn't make any difference, your past history and ability to earn income is what counts there.
 I think that even if I am actually doing well now, it has only been for 6 days, and actually for 2. Days 1 through 4 felt pretty manic and I just calmed myself down saying that my feeling manic may not have anything to do with the LO. I may just have been either manic or becoming so when I began to take it.
 Anyway, I told my psych Dr. that I stopped taking my blood pressure meds and she said that...
2)What I should have been started on was a beta blocker. These do not interact with psych meds, she said. So I will be seeing my nurse practitioner soon and request a beta blocker.
I will also take lisinipril when I get to the office later today as I still have my supply. I am so grateful I heeded the hunch of not discarding it!
3)Sometimes a diuretic will actually STOP frequent urination!
I do not recall exactly how she described it, but she said, when I told her that I had been having  majorly frequent urination, "Oh, that's the lithium." I had no idea! I told her that I had stopped taking both the lisinipril and chlorothalidone because I had read that you shouldn't take them with LO. She said that I may be able to take the cholorothalidone because the way it works may actually stop the frequent urination feature of the lithium. I am going to get the beta blocker and then keep the lithium and see how that goes, if the lithium works as a diuretic and calms down, then I may not need the chlorothalidone. 
4)It is still a good idea to get your blood checked if you are taking LO. It is still lithium, and you could still have some of the side effects of taking it, especially if you take it long-term.

The best news I got today is that I lost two pounds!
Also, that what was making me pee so much was likely the lithium.
The reason that is good news is that I thought my sleeping was bad. You see, I have sleep apnea and when I first started seeing a sleep specialist and using a CPAP breathing machine to sleep at night, I learned that my longtime prevalent frequent urination was caused by the sleep disorder. Something about the breathing, body's electrical system and signals being sent, possibly from the heart... I don't recall all the exact details, but basically my breathing was causing my body to think I needed to urinate, so I was getting up out of bed 2-5 times a night to use the bathroom! 
 Sure enough, after using the CPAP, that went away. What a relief to take public transportation and not have to stop so often to find a restroom!
 So I can literally rest easier now knowing that I am likely sleeping better than I thought!

I continue to improve my eating habits and take the LO which I am kinda sorta falling in love with. 
Funny thing. Psych Dr. says her clients who have taken it stopped seeing her. I told her that must mean it worked. Her response: "Not enough data." Highlarious!

In community,
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