Sunday, February 12, 2017

Goddess Sundays: Fearless Self-Love

Goddess Sundays 
Where every week we explore feminine aspects of the divine...

By Cassendre Xavier 

Fearless Self-Love 

When you begin doing positive affirmations, and really dig into serious, sometimes playful, and always dedicated work on improving your self-esteem (what we'll call self-love), one of the first emotions you will encounter is fear.
 Most people were not reared to have a healthy sense of self. At first, saying these affirmations will be uncomfortable and even embarrassing. It becomes easier with practice, in large part because your inner wise self or soul knows these loving statements to be true fact.
 One thing that could also help is to consider Goddess as Nature.
She is not afraid to love Herself!
 Nature is bold in its beauty; She makes Herself that way. And She is fierce in protecting Life, all Life.
 There is no shame, hesitation or embarrassment in it - in being beautiful,  in loving oneself.
 Imagine a toddler, sitting on a floor. It laughs and is relaxed and content as it enjoys the sensations of its pudgy arms, legs, fingers, and toes.
 A toddler is not afraid of self- love, and you needn't be, either!
 Next time you have issues with practicing self-love, remember Nature. Remember Goddess, and take after Her.
 That,  among many other reasons,  is why She is here.

(c) Copyright 2017 by Cassendre Xavier. All rights reserved. 

Make yourself a beautiful day!

Cassendre Xavier

"renaissance negresse"

$15,000 Leeway Transformation Award-Winning musician, writer, and community cultural arts organizer.

Founder & Executive Director of the Black Women's Arts Festival (Est. 2003) and the Women's Writing & Spoken Word Series (Est. 2002).

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