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Goddess Sundays: Deciding What to Believe, or Whose Intellectual Heritage?

Goddess Sundays

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Deciding What to Believe, or Whose Intellectual Heritage?

by Cassendre Xavier

Years ago I worked at an independently-owned academic bookstore. I remember there were many white men, usually over the age of 40, who visited and spoke with the owners - all professors of the ivy league university whose campus was less than two blocks away.

I remember feeling invisible and less than many times, as a younger black woman who didn't go to an ivy league university.

In unpacking and shelving books, I would see title after title and book cover and book cover of images depicting white men. Over and over and over again.

One large hardcover boasted the simple yet imposing title, "Intellectual Heritage". The cover was a painting of an old white guy who looked like a slightly thinner Walt Whitman. I thought to myself, "Whose intellectual heritage? Not mine!"

This was similar to the journey I had returning to my natural spirituality. After having been reared fundamentalist christian and endured the oppressive indoctrination of my country's ideas on religion and who and what I should worship, and what rules I should follow, I had a vision of my people, my dark skinned nature dwelling people hiding our secrets in the trees. I knew this to be truth for me, and I followed that.

That's my "intellectual heritage."

I believe my strength in forming my own spiritual believes comes largely from my creative ability as a humyn with a womb. Wimmin are the most creative when it comes to internal matters. We are great organizers. Men are the grand builders, and both women and men are great thinkers.

I believe the feminine aspects of ourselves, and of the divine, seeks and honors that which is true from within.

Since all people have and can access the feminine and masculine within ourselves, we all have the ability to sense our inner truths. I believe it's easier for women.

We don't have to fall in line with any subscribed religion or so-called intellectual heritage. We can sense and celebrate our own.

(c) Copyright 2017 by Cassendre Xavier. All rights reserved.

Cassendre Xavier

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