Thursday, August 4, 2016

Dreamlogue & Interpretation: Corgi in the Car

I appear as myself. There's a white guy, 40s, brown hair, average build, casual clothes, dark workman's shirt with zipper.

I'm getting in and out of a dark car, constantly thinking about a cute dog, a Welsh corgi breed, and that I shouldn't forget him.

I'm constantly trying to remember to ask for him, ask about him, bring him into the car, secure him.

At some point I'm in touch with the guy, and as we're speaking he reminds me of the dog. I really appreciate this, as it relieves some of the pressure to do 100% of the work myself (of remembering the dog).

This time, when I get into the car, the guy is there and I am happy for three reasons - one, I'm thrilled to see the corgi there! The guy not only reminded me to remember the dog, he actually brought it himself. Secondly, I'm just to see the guy as I am accustomed to feeling when I see him apparently. And thirdly, I'm relieved that the guy has taken it upon himself to drive me someplace I wanted to go but was afraid of doing the challenging drive myself.


The first thing I do upon waking from a dream and when beginning to analyze it is identify the feelings I had during and upon waking from the dream, and the feelings I have as I analyze it.

I was very happy during the dream, happy as I recalled it, and happy as I processed it.

Guy = A new guy in my life. (This does not mean a new casual sex partner, playmate, or submissive, but new persun I have begun to date.)

Corgi = Dogs represent friendship. I believe I dreamt about friendship because friendship is very important to me - friendship with myself and with the various people I've been meeting and making plans to see again, on whatever levels they and I relate. It takes work to do friendship and each friendship is different in several ways. I haven't dreamt of dogs and friendship in over a year, possibly more, and I think I did this time because this new guy and I have talked and texted more in the past week than I think I have with anyone in several months. Also that persun I was communicating with then and I have a highly erotic and spiritual but mostly part time relationship. This one (new guy) happens to be more available, as I am to him. There are different kinds of chemistry - and domesticity and dating are their own kinds.

Corgis are also among my favorite breeds of dogs, insofar as cuteness goes. I think the happiness they make me think of matches the amount of laughing I've been doing lately because of the new guy's humor and jokes. I don't think I've laughed this hard or this much in years. When I woke up I felt a clear connection between the cuteness of the dog and how much I enjoy the humor with this guy.

Driving/dark car: These represent going through life, navigating through life, being a "driving force" in affecting positive change in one's life, managing the "darkness" or challenging moments of life. With another persun present, it means having the desire to assist them on their path, and/or receiving their assistance in yours.

Very recently I'd shared a YouTube video of Viola Davis telling Oprah who was interviewing her, about how it took her a while to receive the love and support of the man who would become her husband, Julius. Part of the story involved her finally allowing him to help her by driving her to an audition. She was a bad driver and couldn't do highways well. I'm not surprised that shortly having sent that clip to the new guy I went and had a dream about it. What it means to me is that even though I'm really "only" doing the work necessary to build a friendship with this persun, somewhere between the pleasure and compromise we've been doing is something that already looks like help and support, and that it's going both ways.

It could just be in the vapor or psychic stage of development, but I sense that it is there.

Another meaning of the car to me is the body. Not in the same way that dreaming of a house, building, or other dwelling represents the body. Dreaming of a vehicle that one is in to me represents the physical self as it is used to move or propel one's soul forward. The body is significant to me in that I am being presented with new ways of seeing and understanding mine and my partners. Although my shape, size, or weight hasn't changed much in recent years, my partners have usually been the sort with whom my sense of myself as beautiful has been very secure, for various reasons including the facts that I either knew them well, or better, or because they were very forthcoming with compliments. The new guy is, well, very new to me, and also doesn't do a lot of talking in this area. He says he finds doing so "creepy". So as I try to teach him otherwise, heh-heh, I am sort of nudged to do my own pumpage of body image self-esteem. Perhaps it is work that should be done anyway, regardless of who I'm with. After all, I'm polyamorous and have other partners who do lavish the praise. Does this mean I'm insecure if I need to hear it so much? Or is it just because I'm a demanding woman who thirsts for constant praise? Either way, I'm aware that my body is the vehicle of my dreams and that I have an opportunity here to examine if I'm making the best and most use of it to that end.

Overall: I'm happy, secure, and up to the challenge!

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