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Raw Angel Blog – May 20, 2016






7:20am – 4 dried apricots; 3 prunes (dried plums)

8:00am – 1 pint 2% milk

10:30am-10:45am – 24oz. vanilla soy protein shake (water with 2 T. powdered whole milk, 2 packets stevia, some organic molasses, several Ts Trader Joe's vanilla soy protein powder

5:00pm-5:30pm – 4 large mangoes

7:20pm-7:30pm – 27oz. soy vanilla shake (see above)

8:30pm-8:50pm – some shortgrain brown rice with extra sharp cheddar and 1 can water-packed sardines


Dealing with yet more harassment at the shelter. I'm being given multiple contracts, violations, and write-ups for bullshit reasons. I'm learning to see myself from every angle. I may think to myself that I am in the right in something/ways and places, and others may see me as wholly incorrect and in need of so-called discipline or harsh treatment/punishment. I need to examine my role in attracting victimhood situations and relationships.


Playdate with My submissive pet today. it provided Me with excellent service, which I very much enjoyed as it relieved both of us of much stress.

I'm so busy I didn't even long for a boyfriend after our encounter. I am really focused on fixing my life right now. Relief is pleasant, companionship not necessary except in the form of my Life Skills exercises, which include emotional health, which include relationships with others. But for men and dating right now. No thanks! 

Make yourself a beautiful day!

Cassendre Xavier

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