Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Catholic Church Finally Honors Mary Magdalene!

On Catholic Church finally admitting (last week) that Mary Magdalene was not only NOT a prostitute, but one of Christ's apostles - in fact, his first apostle.This is fanTAStic news and a long time a comin'! I have been interested in and learning about the gnostic gospels for years, and Mary Magdalene is one of my main spirit guides http://kaiara.com/magdalene3/. As a black pagan womon of Haitian heritage, and a non-denominational/interfaith minister since September 2010, I have always believed the secrets are in the trees and in our own hearts. We all know "the truth" deep down inside, if we're quiet enough to sense it. And if something doesn't feel right to you, (as it never felt right to me that Mary Magdalene was portrayed as a prostitute - not that I'm not supportive of sex workers, I never believed it was true).
Let's continue to listen with our hearts and decide, no matter what the conquerors say, what is true for us.
I really appreciate and thank you, Maggie Sale Ostara, for sharing this! <3
Make yourself a beautiful day!

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