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Raw Angel Blog - May 11, 2016

Where I share my journey of combining the living plants with angel spirituality to heal lifelong eating imbalance, manage the symptoms of Bipolar Disorder and Posttraumatic Stress Disorder, and reverse hypertension, to attain and maintain radiant health.

I first tried raw veganism in 1996, then joined the raw food community in 2005, trained in raw food prep at Arnold's Way Raw Vegetarian Cafe & Education Center in Lansdale, PA in 2007. I also lived in Lansdale's raw food community in that year, and began raw blogging with my "Green Smoothie Raw Blog", which later became "Raw Angel Transformation." I published my first raw food print and ebook in 2009. To order the ebook, please email cxwriting(at)







7:15am - 4 dried apricots, 3 prunes

12:00pm - some strawberry kefir

2:30pm-3:30pm - a little brown rice, 1 can water-packed sardines, M&Ms, Rollos, 1 mozzarella stick

4:45pm - 3 Rollos

7:00pm - 2 tins of water packed sardines


I drank more water, ate a lighter dinner earlier.


To be better prepared/stocked for daily good eatin'. I missed my fruit and didn't enjoy eating so much fish, but I didn't want the roughage (yesterday's crudites) either. A miso soup with warm spinach or other soft greens floating inside would've been wonderful. To avoid (so much) candy.


I think the things I'm doing to reverse my hypertension are helping to keep me calm. Also I think my regular menstrual cycle is a result of the steps I'm taking to stabilize my moods.

I'm really glad I've learned that women's bipolar symptoms are unique to us. And to remember that high blood pressure often causes irritability and short-temperedness.


Cassendre Xavier is the author of Expanding Your Capacity for Joy: A Raw Vegan Comfort Book, Sourcebook, and Journal (ARtivist Publications/2009). She has written a monthly column on various topics including raw foods and angel spirituality, at Wisdom Magazine's online edition since 2009. For more information please visit

[Pictured: Cassendre with a huge bunch of collards, wearing a t-shirt from her former employer and raw vegan training center, Arnold's Way.]

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