Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Original song "Hatred's Too Easy" from Hope!

Please enjoy my original song "Hatred's Too Easy" (lyrics below) from my 7th album Hope (Serious Creature Music/2015) http://cassendrexavier.bandcamp.com/track/hatreds-too-easy.
Trivia: The song first appeared on my album live at the kraftbrau, kalamazoo! (Serious Creature Music/2004)

You can hear many of my CDs at http://cassendrexavier.bandcamp.com, order from http://cdbaby.com/all/cassendre or most wonderfully at Spotify, which gives Moi the most moolah! ;)


Hatred's Too Easy
Words, Music, Vocals and Guitar by Cassendre Xavier

Moonlight and angelfire
Glow in your eyes tonight
I hope that we don't
Why must always

Father does not approve
Friends are supportive
And mother will tolerate
As long as we're happy

We look at differences
We listen for accents
We read the words that folks are called
But what's in a name

We seem a lot alike
More often we're different
I think we would even fight
If we all looked the same

Walking through the mire
Knees deep in falseness
We don't seem to ever tire
When we walk together

Patience is difficult
Silence is golden
And anger's not always bad
But hatred's too easy

Words, Music composition of Vocals and Guitar by Cassendre Xavier. Performance and musical composition of Percussion by Giscard Xavier/Noclist Music (ASCAP).
Copyright  & Publishing © 2004 by Cassendre Xavier, CX Unlimited Music Publishing (ASCAP).

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