Friday, March 18, 2016

How to Not Commit Suicide (Bipolar Chronicles)

[Disclaimer: I am not at all suicidal. Just a little depressed and a lot committed to wording things exactly the way I want to be worded. And that's what this piece wanted to be called.]

How to Not Commit Suicide (Bipolar Chronicles)

by Cassendre Xavier

Don't even entertain the thought

There are lots of other things to think about

Write songs like "Happy to be Alive"
Do things that make you happy

Make love with friends and lovers

Be highly creative

Get postcards like this one:

"15 March 2016

My dear, precious friend,

I am listening right now to your beautiful music on CD Baby and Bandcamp.

You are a true community heroine, a shining star, and a beautiful example of a life full of sharing your creative gift with the world.  

Your friend,



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