Monday, November 30, 2015

Soulmate Attraction: Celebrate Sweetness!

No matter your circumstances, you can always increase the sweetness in your life. Surround yourself with images, even fragrances, that remind you of when you've had romance, companionship, and excitement with a partner. 
 I just lit a stick of my favorite incense, and took a whiff of a clove cigarette. The incense brought me back to my happiest times with my late partner, and the clove was a recent meeting of a gentlemen, who smoked one as we spoke. I didn't want to smoke it with him, but did ask for one, to enjoy the moment and the fragrance later. 
 When you surround yourself with little reminders of sweetness and romance, it puts you more in the headspace and heartspace of attracting it. It makes you happy and feel good, and that makes you most attractive!

~Cassendre Xavier

Cassendre is the author of the Soulmate Attraction for the Rest of Us series and forthcoming book of the same title. You can read the latest article here: and that and similar article archives at

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