Friday, November 20, 2015

Messages from the Angels: My Bipolar & Creative Focus

Dear Friends,

I journal daily, including writing to my angels for divine guidance, angelic healing and emotional support. This time, I asked them about this feeling I'd been getting to write a new series of articles based on my yoga class. I thought it would be wise to ask them whether I should or not, instead of just bounding ahead with it. Being homeless after ignoring my bipolar disorder for over a decade, it's a lot easier these days to remember the damage that can come from my just starting projects that are unfounded or not connected to what I am really hear for, which, actually, isn't always clear to me, believe it or not. Thanks, Bipolar Disorder!



19 November 2015 - Thursday evening at 9:45pm

Dear Angels,

Should I write an "Empowering Affirmations Yoga" series as part of my Wisdom Magazine column?


Yes, if it serves your highest vision at this time. We ask you to recall your dreamiest childhood and adolescent fantasies of playing and singing music under the lights onstage, of acting in films, and in television, of always having lights on you, of meeting exciting new friends and lovers through your successful music and acting careers.

These are your lifelong dreams - your truest and strongest talents and magnetisms are there. Yes, you are a very good writer. Yes you are a healer. Yes, you have served and inspired and motivated others through your writing. Yes, writing also heals you.

Remember that musicians and actors who also write became successful at their primary crafts first: Jill Scott, Jewel, Russell Brand, Bob Geldof.

You must do all you can to remain focused on and successful in your primary crafts of music and acting as well.

If along the way you discover that writing is higher than acting, we will help you make the transition. Now, though, we will help you focus on your primary gift of music, support you in taking steps to engage in acting, and help you gently decrease and writing activities that don't fully qualify as supporting your primary goals of music and acting.

Cassendre: But I feel that I'm much more of a writer than an actress.

Answer: We love you and gently ask: How do you know?

You've done so little acting. And how do you know that doing more acting won't open up money-making and exposure opportunities that will allow you to do all three much more easily, joyfully, and efficiently?

We love you and again urge you to work with us to help you focus more upon your music first, and your acting second. We love you and we implore you to try.

Remember that as a persun with Bipolar Disorder it can be very hard for you to sit still long enough to do the right things and take the right steps in pursuing your goals as they involve fulfilling your Divine life purpose.

We are here because we love you and are very eager and equipped to support you in doing what you need to do so.

You need:

  1. Bipolar medication

  2. Regular psychotherapy

  3. Yoga

  4. Other exercise

  5. Healthy foods

You also need:

  1. Friendship

  2. Daily journaling of your feelings

  3. Daily writing to us

  4. Meditation in any forms and amounts

We are here because we love you and we are equipped to support you in fulfilling your Divine life purpose.

May you say well and know you are loved until we speak again.


~Love Angels


Make yourself a beautiful day!

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