Sunday, April 19, 2015

Goddess Sundays: We Ask Questions

Questions such as: 
What is the truth of my heart?
Does my heart believe in the images "they" have forced upon me of "hell" and attaching guilt and shame to sex?
What is behind my reluctance to give as much honor to the female deity?
Am I willing, strong, courageous, fearless enough to step out in my own, rather than someone else's faith?
Does it make sense to bow to the fear-based teachings of those who would oppress me?
Does it make sense to accept the religion of people who once upon a time killed, tortured, abused women, people of color, children, LGBT folks, and/or who still do in some way or another?
Why should men be the only ones who get to recognize and honor the feminine Divine?
If I were free of all kinds of fear, how would I choose to worship or design my spiritual practice?
And who would be in my spiritual community? 

In honor of my "Goddess Sundays": Celebrating and Honoring the Feminine in the Divine and in Each of Us. ~Rev. CX (Cassendre Xavier, legally ordained Interfaith Minister since September 19, 2010. Ministering through the creative and healing arts professionally since 1991.)

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