Friday, April 10, 2015

2 New Poems! "Safety Pin" & "So Much Money (For My Siblings)"

There are special and nifty and REAL holidays throughout the year, almost every day, and I like to pick my favorites and celebrate them however is fun for me. One of those ways is writing about them.

Today is April 10 and the holidays I want to celebrate are "Safety Pin Day" and "National Sibling Day".

I wrote a poem for each, and I hope you enjoy them.



Safety Pin Day (April 10)

Poem: "Safety Pin

When I was a kid
I lived in New York
With two aunts
One fat and dark
The other skinny and light
Fat aunt was older
Skinny younger
The first was funny
The second mean

One day the fat one
Told me that when you
Wear a safety pin
On your clothes
It meant you were pregnant

I didn't understand why
Later used them
On a baby's cloth diaper
But I still didn't understand.

National Sibling Day (April 10)

Poem: "So Much Money (For My Siblings)

I wish I had so much money
I would give it to my siblings
I would buy my brother a car
A big SUV
To carry all his equipment
For gigs that pay him a lot
I wish I could treat
His daughters my nieces
To expensive gadgets
They are blessed to know well

I wish I had so much money
For my sister-in-love
To say thank you
For all she's done for me
Putting me up twice
This "middle-aged" womon
Who doesn't always do so well
On her own yet
I'd buy her whatever she wants
And spare no expense
For her luxurious tastes

And dear sister my only
Sister dear
I wish I had so much money
The first I'd do is pay off all
Your school debt
Buy you a house
Free and clear
Far away from what doesn't
Serve you and yours

But I have only my words
Of love, appreciation
And respect
For these fine, fine people
My parents produced.

(c) Copyright 2015 by Cassendre Xavier. All rights reserved.

Text corresponding to enclosed image:

To celebrate my favorite
April 10 Holidays:
 "Safety Pin Day" and "National Sibling Day"
I wrote 2 New Poems!
Please enjoy "Safety Pin"
 & "So Much Money (For My Siblings)"

I hope you enjoy them, and thanks as always to for making my days brighter for years :) ~Cassendre

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