Monday, March 23, 2015

New video! Please Help [me] Move in April!

Hi, folks!
I made a video this morning 
[] to talk a little more about my predicament. I am certain the main reason the donations have been so low is because GoFundMe has changed its features so that you can't just click once and include all of your email contacts anymore... You have to include all of your contacts one at a time...aargh! So only a fraction of you are seeing this...
I'm working to resolve this issue, but for now I'm reaching out to you again and to my trusty YouTube subscribers. Hope you're having a wonderful day!


Video description:
Recorded on March 23, 2015 - Hi folks :) This is a heartfelt plea for support to find a place to live and move in Philadelphia in 30 days. I am struggling with bipolar depression, grieving the death of a partner, and the chronic unemployment that comes with a situation like this, if left, as it has in the past few months, untreated, due to my location and inability to travel (I don't drive) to my therapist, etc.
 Being back in Philadelphia will allow me to resume treatment and gain assistance to remain employed, while pursuing my creativity in addition to taking care of myself.
 If you're not familiar with my work, I've been a multi-media artist in Philadelphia since 1991, have nationally published multi-genre writing, several community cultural arts initiatives including the Women's Writing & Spoken Word Series (Est. 2002), and the Black Women's Arts Festival (Est. 2003)
 I've also released 8 albums of original music at and 2 spoken word guided meditations called "Affirmations for Survivors: Self-Love" and "Affirmations for Survivors: Spirituality". 
I also do workshops, classes, host events, and write poetry and blogs on raw vegan foods, relationships, and sexuality.
 For more information, please visit:
DONATIONS: "Send Money To" cxmusic(at)gmail(dot)com
Snail mail check or money order: Payable to: Cassendre Xavier, and mailed to: Cassendre Xavier, c/o Bindlestiff Books, 4530 Baltimore Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19143-3705
Thank you so much for your continued support of my art/work, and therefore, life!

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