Wednesday, September 17, 2014

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Greetings, my healthy friends!

I'm really proud of myself that yesterday I refrained from late night eating for the first time in 4 months!

Usually I go home on the train around 7 or 8pm, don't get home until about 10pm and then by the time I'm unpacked, etc., I'm eating at around 11pm, and watch TV till I fall asleep. 
This time, I decided to avoid going into the kitchen, which couldn't be helped because I had grapes to put in there. I quickly put it in the fridge and went back to my room. By the way, I live with my "host family" temporarily, an hour outside of Philadelphia. I'm not on my own, don't have my own fridge, etc. 
 So, this time, I grabbed a pretzel dog and 2 pretzels on the way to the train, and ate it at 7:40pm. When I got home, I did not eat anything else, and I went to sleep around 12:30am. 
So, all day I ate bananas and drank green smoothie, and then had that "dinner" at a halfway decent time.
 Today I'm trying to eat my heavier/cooked meals during the day and not eat anything heavy this evening.
So far I've had grapes for breakfast, and now I'm eating my first heavy meal (Cooked brown rice, batatas, cabbage, chili, two breakfast sausage patties that were left on the plate of the smaller of two youthlettes I live with.)

One of the biggest causes of raw wagon falloffery (aka "falloffage") is you're not eating enough calories. When you're not eating enough, you get hungry and then get tempted much more easily. 

Whether you have the ability to carry big things with you like bottles of green smoothie, or only little things, like a little sandwich bag of your favorite nuts or seeds, it will help you significantly to carry your food with. I did that yesterday, so when I passed by the hot dog stand, I was able to whip out my jug of g.s. and down the good stuff.

I didn't want to eat pretzels again tonight, nor be tempted to buy any other kind of takeout food. So I brought two servings of a healthy, heavy dinner type foodstuffs. This will keep me sated, strong, focused, and energized when I'm at work. And it's lighter on the wallet, too! You're not always going to want raw food. Best to have what you do want with you, and I'm much happier eating this brown rice, batatas, and cabbage that are all homemade, than anything else I'd buy on a whim, in a hurry, or worst yet, hungry and impatient. (It's different if you're in a restaurant, calm, and ready to order with relaxation and choice.)

I ask the angels, my higher self, and even the Living Plants themselves for strength and discipline to keep me on the raw path, and they always come through for me! (That's where I got the idea to drink green smoothie when I was tempted to matronize the hot dog vendohr. I was very tempted, and I put out the psychic call "Angels, please help me resist this...I know it's not good for me..." And instantly I realized two things: I was hungry. And I hadn't eaten enough in the last couple of hours. Then something said, "You have green smoothie... why doncha drink some?" So I did and the rest as they say is l'herstoire!)

Ah, my favorite part of this blog! Americans on the SAD (Standard American Diet) are constipated and this makes them (us) moody and grumpy! Did you know  you're supposed to poop out every meal, every time? I'm always doing it. I'm doing it now, even. No, I'm not. Just kiddin'! But I have already gone twice today. And I will likely again once or maybe even twice before I hit the sack tonight. It's not just the fact that I eat a lot and hat a lot of it's raw. It's also because even the cooked food I prefer has a lot of fiber. For instance, I eat whole wheat pasta or whole grain pasta. Basically, if it's pasta and it's going into my body, it's going to be brown. This has a lot of fiber. 
 I'm not saying I'm never moody or grumpy. But I'd be much more so if I was only going once or twice a day. It would be a scary situation. 
I think if everyone in America began their day with 32 oz of green smoothie instead of coffee or any other beverage, the nation would be transformed in 6 months.

I'm glad I'm here to share this journey with you. And I'm very very very glad you're here reading it. Thank you :-)

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Make yourself a beautiful day!

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