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Support Philadelphia's 9th Black Women's Arts Festival 2015

Support Philadelphia's 9th Black Women's Arts Festival 2015

We would like to raise funds to enable the production of BWAF Philly 2015 - Philadelphia's 9th Black Women's Arts Festival, in beautiful University City. BWAF, as always, is a wonderful event open to all respectful persons. BWAF is a festival for everyone!

Dear Citizen of the World, plus friends and long-time supporters of the Black Women's Arts Festival (est. 2003).
You are cordially invited to attend, volunteer, fund, or otherwise support or participate in BWAF Philly 2015 – the 9th Black Women's Arts Festival in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA, on a Saturday and Sunday in Fall 2015. The exact dates were confirmed months ago with our original and longtime primary venue, The Rotunda, of the University of Pennsylvania.
We know this is a way off, so we are asking you to become involved with the work we've been doing over the past few months, which are now yielding exciting results you could be a part of now!
We are a collective of artists, social entrepreneurs, producers, DJs and philanthropists with a profund love for building diverse community cultural arts programs. The Black Women's Arts Festival is a volunteer-based social initiative; it is our response to lack of sufficient representation of multi-media female artists of African heritage, blending our communities, inspiring all other artists, and our vision for a more black woman artist-representative future.
The two-day, multi-disciplinary event will be our usual mix of performance, exhibits, workshops, children's programming, and closing event to honor our ancestors and elders. The Black Women's Arts Festival is an acclaimed, inclusive community venue which welcomes all respectful persons to attend, participate, vend and volunteer. There is always much to see, buy, and there are also food vendors with healthy, nourishing delicious dishes as well.
The Black Women's Arts Festival operates as a nonprofit organization under the fiscal sponsorship of the Moonstone arts organization, a 501 (c)(3) arts and eductation nonprofit founded in 1983. All donations are fully tax deductable as allowed by law. You will receive an email receipt for your donation within 5 business days.
In order to help re-emerge into the Philly arts scene after our 3-year hiatus, we are excited to bring forth our sister program, the Women's Writing & Spoken Word Series, from September through December 2014 at two Philadelphia venues, Big Blue Marble Bookstore in Mt. Airy, and the Walnut Street West branch of the Free Library of Philadelphia in University City.
Although the Festival in Philadelphia doesn't launch until fall 2015, there is much to do now and we've been working for months prior to bring yuo what what have today.
For instance:
1) BWAF NOLA 2016 - New Orleans' 1st Black Women's Arts Festival was confirmed months ago, with planning beginning in early 2015. The creative director of BWAF NOLA 2016 is Monica E. McIntyre, former creative director of BWAF Philly. Monica has been based in New Orleans for a while and we are very excited she has agreed to lead the production of NOLA's 1st BWAF!
2) We were also negotiating with our contacts in Omaha, Nebraska USA and Washington DC USA to produce BWAFs there, and those results were that now is not the best time for those endeavors.
3) We worked on the Women's Writing & Spoken Word Series, which is now regional, and we hope to increase venues as time moves on. (The Women's Writing & Spoken Word Series is also inclusive, free and open to the public, featuring two readers of various backgrounds and ethnicity, plus a mixed-gender open mic at every reading.)
4) We have been researching and beginning the application process for grants from arts funding institutions as well as approaching businesses for corporate sponsorship. We are also creating regular fundraising and crowdsourcing drives from generous, art-supportive individuals like you!
We invite you to join us, in body or in spirit, as we build community, establish connections, celebrate culture, and nurture the artist in every one.
The total we are raising for is for our very basic operating needs. We are asking for funds for basic costs of living, including home office, phone, post office box and public transportation. We are not asking for costs of advertising, promotions, nor artist/administrative stipends nor anything else. We are seeking the very basics here and are continuing to work as we have been, including plans to seek alternate funding for our other equally important needs. We hope this separation of the very basic needs will encourage all who are considering it, to make the leap to give, and give generously!

1) To post our call for submissions (featured artists for music, plays, visual art exhibits, workshop leaders, healing arts services)
2) To post our call for volunteers and interns
3) To post our vendor registration guidelines and application
3) To announce new services as they occur (The Women's Writing & Spoken Word Series is an example of our services...)
4) To regularly send out our bi-monthly enewsletter
5) To begin production on BWAF Philly 2015
6) To continue curating and hosting our sister project the Women's Writing & Spoken Word Series 

To donate by mail, please make check or money order PAYABLE TO: MOONSTONE - BWAF and mail to: Bindlestiff Books, ATTN: C. Xavier, 4530 Baltimore Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19143-3705 USA.

Thank you so much for supporting diverse, inclusive, community cultural arts events!
Black Women's Arts Festival
ATTN: C. Xavier
4530 Baltimore Ave
Philadelphia, PA 19143-3705 USA
Email: BWAFphilly(at)yahoo(dot)com
Website: http://BWAFphilly.org
Facebook: http://facebook.com/BWAFfanpage
Twitter: http://twitter.com/BWAFphilly 
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/BWAFphilly 
The Women's Writing & Spoken Word Series: http://WomensWritingSeries.org Email: WomensWritingSeries(at)yahoo(dot)org


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