Monday, May 12, 2014

Rawimmin: Philadelphia's 1st Raw Vegan Women's House Forming! (East Germantown)

Attention!!!! Gender preference IS ALLOWED in shared housing ads!

Please read the exemptions of both Fair Housing Act (FHA) and
Craigslist posting guidelines for sex preference. In the cases of
group housing where common areas such as bathrooms and kitchens are
shared, IT IS ACCEPTABLE to specify a gender preference.

That being said: 

Intentional Wimmin's Cooperative House Forming! Available Immediately and Ongoing

Hi, there!
I am a long-time intentional community member who just (on May 1) moved into an empty 5-bedroom house in East Germantown. The owner/landlord and I would like to fill this house with 4 like-minded wimmin (or trans folks) who would like to help create a positive, group living environment. I am an imperfectly practicing raw vegan who has been involved in the raw vegan community in PA since 2005. I'm a former employee of Arnold's Way Raw Vegetarian Cafe & Education Center in Lansdale, PA, former housemate of Arnold's, and author of a raw vegan book for imperfectly practicing raw vegans just like me!
I'd love to live in a house that combines the best features of my favorite wimmin's collective I lived in, plus the wonderful raw vegan house I lived in with both women and men.
You wouldn't have to be 50% or more raw like I am, just be willing to not have non-raw/non-vegan foods in the common areas of the house. Or, we'd all make it up as we go along, according to the needs of the collective!


●Recently renovated
●5 Unfurnished bedrooms--------2 Full Bathrooms, 1,400 sq ft.
●Living Room, Dining Room, Washroom with Washer & Dryer
●Large Kitchen with refrigerator and stove
●Large, clean, & dry basement
●Front Porch---------Backyard
●Bus Stops (18, 26, K) at the corner; Quick 5 minute bus ride to Olney Transportation Center at Broad & Olney (many buses, plus subway station of the Broad Street Orange line)
●Child Care Center across street
●Children's Park under construction nearby
●2 blocks/less than 1/2 mile away from Waterview Recreation Center with pool, near ●Chelten Avenue near McMahon Street, zip code 19138
●Close to supermarket and pharmacy

Rooms vary in size (first come first served). Rent is $350 per room, plus utilities (electric, gas, and water), rarely over $100 per persun.

Haitian-American/Black, Chinese, female-born/identified, member of the LGBTIAQ (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, intersexed, asexual, queer or questioning) community, award-winning multi-media artist and arts organizer, imperfectly practicing raw vegan, polyamorous, New Age/pagan, open-minded, organized, very positive, leader, founder & director of women of color arts festival that almost 10 years old and is soon to co-produce events around the world. Lived in cooperative houses for over 10 years in Philly, and studied intentional communities since the 1980s. (I'm a very youthful 40-something :-))


*All female or trans
*Diverse in age, race, sexual orientation, occupation, and religion
*Vegan/vegetarian/raw food friendly (meat-eaters welcome :-) 
*One house meeting a month (just to check in and bond!)
*Celebrate one another's birthdays together 
*Relatively neat and tidy
*Relatively quiet (especially before 9am and after 9pm)
*Healthy, active lifestyle (having bicycles, playing tennis/going for runs/doing yoga together, etc.)
*We recycle and compost
*We have lots of plants indoors and garden outdoors
*We maximize use of natural light
*We conserve energy (hang our clothes outside when possible instead of running the dryer, etc.)
*Natural or least toxic cleaning solutions, pest control, etc.
*Somewhat involved in neighborhood and/or community
*All members willing to commit to living there for 2 years or more (not mandatory) 
*Committed to working together for the greater good of the household
*Completed household sets the intention for the house together, choosing a name, etc.

Rooms are available now, and if you're reading this and are interested, please reply in case there are still vacancies at that time.

Most of the things I've written are flexible.

What's not is that you must:
*Have and be able to prove regular income (paystubs, etc.)
*Be cleared when the landlord does a background check ($20 nonrefundable fee)
*Pay $1,050 (1st, last, security) to move in.
*Be willing to sign either a 1-year lease, or a month-to-month agreement (month-to-month still requires total of $1,050 to move in)

If you're interested in seeing the space, please email me (click "Reply" or send to: artchyk(at), inbox/message me wherever you found this ad, or TEXT 215-436-9702 to schedule a quick phone interview. I look forward to hearing from you!

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