Saturday, May 10, 2014

May is "Beautiful" - 3/10 "Letters from Heaven"

And continuing with the theme of celebrating my CD “Beautiful” this “beautiful” month of May, Track 3 of 10 is “Letters from Heaven”, one of the songs most beloved by CX listeners. 
Here are the lyrics, and athough the backstory isn't painful to recall, I feel it would detract from the expansiveness and romantic possibilities of the listeners' imagination if I expounded upon it. So, again, I'll just let the lyrics speak for themselves, and recall the ones I've loved and traveled away from, and who have loved and traveled away from me, on my own :-)
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th when I opened for Tret Fure for a second most wonderful time... on YouTube
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Letters from Heaven - LYRICS

I've been away now for three whole years
I don't know how I've stayed far 
from you
Remember we spoke of visions and goals and dreams
Well this is the only way mine will come true
We knew each other many long moons ago
Sometimes a lover always my friend
But this time around I knew you by your sweet smile
And in the dreams that I had of yo
Letters from heaven letters from you
Never come often always are few 
Letters from heaven sometimes they make me blue
They only remind me how far I am 
from you
Being without you has taken its toll on me
I try not to be needy I try to be strong
And although I'm doin' what I set out to do
I hope this adventure won't take too long
Letters from heaven letters from you (etc, as above)

© Copyright 2004 by Cassendre Xavier. (p) CX Unlimited Music Publishing (ASCAP). All rights reserved. 

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