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Amethyste Angels - Are You an Earth Angel?

Amethyste Angels – Are You an Earth Angel?

An earth angel is someone who is called to demonstrate love on earth and heal themselves and the world around them through God's love.
Although everyone is meant to love and heal, earth angels, also sometimes called lightworkers, are particularly sensitive to others and are so passionate about healing and love in their everyday lives, it's difficult for them to consider doing any other thing or being any other way.
There are many different kinds of earth angels, too. Please don't think all earth angels look or act a certain way or are always gentle and loving and kind. Being an earth angel means you want to heal the world, and you work towards that in your life, as imperfect as you may be as a humyn, being. I am an earth angel/lightworker, and am far from the warm fuzzy bunny that so many earth angels are! But I do my work, and I express my creativity and love and kindness in the ways that I can. So many earth angel lightworkers are that way too – perhaps you are one!
One example of an earth angel in my life is my dear friend O, a multi-media spiritual artist (mostly theater/performance art), love activist, and manager of Serenity House in Philadelphia.
I've known O for many years on earth, and we've known each other prior to this life on earth as well. I affectionately call her “my alien friend” because she is the most removed from common day unloving ways and is so naturally inclined to, as well as self-disciplined in, choosing the The Loving Way.
I'm blessed to have shared a dwelling with O, and attended her various workshops. O and I have collaborated before, creatively, including her playing the role of “Wisdom” in my Philadelphia Fringe Festival 2003/Community Education Center (CEC) stagepiece “Sex for Survivors” (which also featured cellist/composer/vocalist Monica McIntyre, movement artist/dancer Jodi Netzer, and poet Samantha Barrows). O has also been a feature of several Black Women's Arts Festivals in Philadelphia over the years, and led BWAF's “Honoring Our Ancestors and Elders” ceremonies.
O texted me a link last night. It's a YouTube video from QuakerSpeak, featuring O talking about how she lives the Quaker faith of seeing and honoring the God in everyone. Please enjoy and share!
You may notice O exhibits both wisened old soul and joyful childlike characteristics, a combination very common among earth angel lightworkers!
If you'd like to network with O, her Facebook name is “Olove WorksForever” and the link is
Thank you, earth angels, and may we all be inspired by love to action!


Make yourself a beautiful day!

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