Wednesday, December 12, 2012

ME! ME! ME! "Write Your Success" Ediccione

ME! ME! ME! A Cassendre Xavier Museletter The "Write Your Success" Ediccione, if you will. (As it were.) Wednesday, December 12, 20012 GREETING NEXT CONCERT: QSPOT FINALE THIS SATURDAY! NEWEST MEMBER OF THE KEMISTRE ARTISTS NETWORK NEW WISDOM MAGAZINE ARTICLE: "WRITE THE BOOKS OF YOUR SUCCESSES" HIRE THE RENAISSANCE NEGRESSE! MY RECENT INSPIRATIONS LINKS OF STUFF THAT I HAVE OUT THERE IN THE INTERNETS FAREWELL BLESSING GREETING Well, hello, m'wee pupperlings! How much do you love that today is 12-12-12? Not so much? Couldn't care less, ya say? Well, I'm sorry to hear that. Sorry you're so bummed. Hope you're feeling better soon! Maybe try walking out in the sun a little bit. Yeah. That oughtta help! NEXT CONCERT: QSPOT FINALE THIS SATURDAY! Hey, y'all, how are you? I'm happy to be here :-) I'll be performing at the QSpot Finale, Broad Street Ministry, 315 S. Broad, Philly, 19107 this Saturday Dec 15th! No alcohol, no drugs, no indoor smoking, and no cover. Ages 18-29. Lots more talent and performances TBA. I'm doing 2 songs around 9pm. This and more events here: Facebook event link: NEWEST MEMBER OF THE KEMISTRE ARTISTS NETWORK --- I'm very pleased to say that as of today I am a member of the Kemistre artists network. I'm very excited to join this group of independent multi-media artists and musicians working together to help one another and new, up-and-coming artists whom we can assist as well. You can learn more about Kemistre, which does not fund projects but is a support system for its members who in turn give back to other independent artists, at As I mentioned to Kemistre founder Jenn Phillips, one of the many reasons I was drawn to Kemistre was its spelling: It looks cool, and like my birth and spiritual names Cassendre and Amethyste, it has two e's and three syllables. Don't say I never learned ya nothin'! NEW WISDOM MAGAZINE ARTICLE: "WRITE THE BOOKS OF YOUR SUCCESSES" --- Since 2009, I've written a monthly column for the online edition of Wisdom Magazine. You can read my archives at, and my current article, "Write the Books of Your Successes" at What inspired this article was my growing displeasure with most of the personal growth books and articles I've been reading, while realizing there's a book baby in my belly waiting to be gestified (aka "gesticated"). Throughout my 20+ years as a working multi-media artist (aka "renaissance negresse" and "ARTrepreneur") I've gone through many phases of needing the work of someone else and needing to create my own work as my own medicine, and putting it out there, to the world, to you, as potential medicine for you, too. This article didn't go too much into that background, but is more of a brief outline on how to use your pain and struggles to write solutions that can then materialize. Relief can be only a pen- or ink-stroke away! Please do click onto that article and leave a comment. I'd be most diggin' it (and appreciative, too). Thanks! HIRE THE RENAISSANCE NEGRESSE! I was recently inspired by a post by Cheryl Richardson - her Life Makeover for the Year 2010 Newsletter - Week 33 – Finding Work: Three ideas to earn income. I've created a short link for you dear mobile users: (Source:, I recently decided to post on Craigslist that I'm available for some services to individuals and companies. I'm offering them now to you, my most prized reading audience, for your considerals as well! I used to have regular day jobs, then I became a full-time artist, and then I became a full-time artist with part-time jobs, and now I seem to be a full time lots of things, if that makes any sense. While I'm on hiatus from certain projects, resting and re-grouping, I'm also starting new projects or different versions of the old ones, and that has made my time availability shift significantly. That, and because of the way it takes a long time to get the better day jobs and then when you have them they're too constricting and not open enough schedule-wise, has led me to simply make a list of what I want to do, what I like to do and what I'm good at, and put it out there to the world. So far, the world has been responding, and since you're a part of that world, I think it's only fair that i include you in my doings! So, scanneth thyself down the following list and notice what interests you. If something peaks your fancy, and you want to talk rates, send me an email by replying to this post or writing to cxmusic(at) Be sure to remove the (at) and replace it with @. Oh, and one last thing - what you most need to remember is these three words: I. Work. Cheap. Thanks! My professional and personal references available for all the jobs listed below in order of preference, experience, and proficiency: *HOUSE CONCERT PERFORMANCE - You can get a free guide to hosting a house concert at One of my favorite things to do is sing at house concerts. It's one of the best experiences for a musician and one of the most win-win-win-win circumstances I'm usually ever in. So much fun and so much sweet country goodness in the way of cold, hard cash! *SENSUAL THERAPEUTIC MASSAGE - I am a Reiki Level 1 practitioner with a gift for giving magical footrubs and full-body sensual massage. I'm a little embarrassed to say I've never given a professional massage to a woman, but that is available as well. Massage is one of the healthiest and most relaxing stress relievers available. I think touch is soooooooo important and that one of the biggest reasons so many Americans are depressed is because they're undertouched. As I say to most people I know when I see them, "Would you like a hug?" I've read it takes 5 hugs minimum a day just to break even - not even to be well. We need many more to be well, and massage is a way to get your touch needs met. That being said, I am not offering "hugs", I'm offering massage, and I put the word "sensual" there for a reason ;-) * HOUSE AND PET SITTER - Experienced. Can provide references. I live in Philadelphia and don't drive, so you'd have to be nearby or accessible to public transportation. * PROOFREADER/EDITOR - Urban fiction, women's fiction, humor, erotica and sexuality. I am largely self-educatied with some college and I am a multi-genre published author so I can do "smart" but not "thinkie" :-) *DECLUTTERER-ORGANIZER-CLEANER - Help for your home and/or office. Get support while you get clearer, both physically and mentally, starting with your living environment. *SERVER/BARISTA - If you have a restaurant or cafe and you'd like to see if I can serve in that way - let me know! EMPLOYMENT HIGHLIGHTS: Over 16 years retail/customer service experience. Over 10 years barista, server, banquet, and food service experience. Proficient in MS Word and other programs. Proficient website builder. Responsible, reliable, and trustworthy. Interested in hiring me? Reply to this post or writing to cxmusic(at) Be sure to remove the (at) and replace it with @. MY RECENT INSPIRATIONS Jack Canfield - Making Your Dreams Come True Also on YouTube: Iyanla Vanzant. Oprah's LifeClass. Julia Cameron. Attending my recovery meetings. Eating and drinking raw vegan foods. Reading Barbara Sher. Doing housework at my place for free. Doing housework other places for money. Going on job interviews and getting offered the job. Not taking the jobs because the jobs sucked, or rather they were not good jobs for me. LINKS OF STUFF THAT I HAVE OUT THERE IN THE INTERNETS iTunes CD Baby Main website FAREWELL BLESSING May you love yourself. May you dream big and never stop moving towards your dream. May you know persistence. May you practice joy. May you have everything you wish, surpassing all your expectations; this or something better, and may it be for the good all. In art and community, Cassendre Xavier (aka Amethyste Rah, aka Amrita Waterfalls) renaissance negresse & ARTrepreneur (musician/writer/actress/fine artist) Founder & Director of the 8th Annual Black Women's Arts Festival, and the Women's Writing & Spoken Word Series Website: ========================================= Me! Me! Me! CX Museletter © Copyright 2012 by Cassendre Xavier. All rightsen reservenitzkhen. (Number of times the word "ass" was used in this article: 0. Sorry. I'll do better next time :-)