Saturday, September 18, 2010

Dear Beautiful - Cassendre Xavier Museletter

BIO: Cassendre Xavier is a multi-media artist who coined the term "renaissance negresse" in 2002. Known mostly as a recording artist and author, she is the founder and director of Philadelphia's annual Black Women's Arts Festival (Est. 2003).,

INTRO: This newsletter takes many forms and many names from time to time (“ME! ME! ME!” and “the renaissance negresse museletter” being the most commonly used). I decided I don’t have to use one same name all the time for this newsletter. Hope that’s cool with you :-) Below was transcribed from my journal.

16 Sept 10

Dear Beautiful,

It is past 2AM and I am lying here writing to you with a black felt tip pen (best for bed/upside-down/any-which-way writing), and a green single-subject spiral notebook and a painful stomach.
My stomach has hurt every day for weeks because of my compulsive and late night overeating, which was starting to get under control with my Raw Transformation updates. But when I had technical problems at my office and couldn’t upload my videos for weeks, I feel off the wagon.
I now am able to upload again, but it takes about three hours to upload a five minute video and I tend to choose fun things like music or sexy posts instead.
I’m looking forward to doing more lectures and Q&As on the raw lifestyle to help me with this lifelong eating disorder. I don’t know how to feel good physically. I don’t take care of myself. I like to treat pain with more pain to help me both forget and remember the first pain. My stomach ache keeps me company and distracts me from thinking about or feeling sad about my other problems.
But of course that’s all bullshit what I’m saying. I’m just talking but I have no understanding of what I do. I just stuff til it hurts because it’s what I’ve known to do since childhood. It’s how I keep myself company. And that so much change.

MONEY: Stressed. Unemployed. Underemployed. Job-hunting. Grateful for gigs and busking. Generating interest in workshops. Increasing trust in the Universe’s ability to provide all my needs. Constantly and routinely shown just that.

LOVE: Growing exponentially. Self-love increasing. I’m patient about my next romantic love. Plants, crystals, children, animals, nature, and friendship are teaching me a lot about love.

SPIRITUALITY: Self-trust. Love. Orin & DaBen. Angels. Doreen Virtue. Tolerance. Christianity. Paganism. Sexuality. Barbara Carrellas. Annie Sprinkle.

MOST INSPIRED BY: Books. Facebook friends’ status reports sent to my mobile phone’s new unlimited text plan: Barbara Carrellas, Annie Sprinkle, Ann Albers, Kenn Kweder, Bren Ryder, Victor Galli, Jon Mercer, Gab Guma, Paulo Coelho, Lili Anel, Gary Null, Nina Hartley.


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Saturday, September 25, 2010. FREE
Lansdowne Farmers Market 11:30AM – 12:45PM

Monday, October 4, 2010 7:00PM – 8:30PM $5
Orin DaBen Study Group – Creating Money: Attracting Abundance
Big Blue Marble Bookstore, 551 Carpenter Lane, Philadelphia, PA 19119
Pre-registration required online or by phone 215-436-9702
For more about Orin & DaBen, visit

Friday, October 15, 2010 8PM-9PM One Measly Dollar!
Affirmations Sing-Along
Rockstar Crystal Gallery, 20 E. Mt. Airy Avenue, Philadelphia
Join acclaimed singer-songwriter Cassendre Xavier (aka Amethyste Rah) in song to affirm health, love, and abundance.
Cassendre has been writing affirmation songs since 2007 and was spiritually called to start leading Affirmation Sing Alongs that same year. She has done so at venues as varied as Arnold's Way Raw Vegetarian Cafe & Education Center, the Germantown Friends School, and house concerts. All are welcome, especially the tone deaf and scaredy cats!

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