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Ordering Info for Expanding Your Capacity for Joy

Expanding Your Capacity for Joy: a Raw Vegan Comfort Book, Sourcebook & Journal, by Cassendre Xavier

[Instructions below are for the physical book to be shipped to you. If you'd like to order the snazzy new Ebook in downloadable PDF format, please click here or visit http://cassendrexavier.blogspot.com/2009/06/order-form-expanding-your-capacity-for.html]

Product Details
*Beautiful, full color, professionally designed cover with additional protective front and back covers (front cover is clear plastic)
*Coil/spiral bound for convenient page turning and writing
114 pages chock full of information and resources

*To read an excerpt, click here.

Cassendre Xavier, co-founder of the REAL Raw Life support group shares how you can learn to overcome major blocks and embrace challenges to take on and maintain a raw vegan / live food diet and lifestyle.

Written in a light, humorous, yet heart-based and informative style, Expanding Your Capacity for Joy touches on the following points:

*Believing you can have the best
*Creating a vision of yourself as successfully raw and radiantly healthy
*Using affirmations
*Addressing your food and health histories
*Examining and treating addictive/compulsive eating patterns
*The physical, spiritual, emotional, and financial benefits of going fully or highly raw long-term
*Sex and money explained, and increased, from a raw vegan perspective
*Recommended resource list including raw vegan-specific support groups, potlucks, restaurants, books, DVDs, guided meditations and music
*Progress charts for successful goal-setting and goal-reaching
*A generous sampling of Cassendre’s popular “Green Smoothie Raw Blog”

What you will find here that most raw vegan books do not have: The Sexual Life, Health, & Radiance of Raw Vegans!

What you will not find here that most raw vegan books have: Recipes.
Why not? The answer to that question is in the book!

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Or send $14.95 + $4.95 s/h check or postal money order (PMO preferred - $19.90 total) along with your Name, Mailing Address, City/State/Zip, Phone & Email, to:

Cassendre Xavier Enterprises
3721 Midvale Ave
Philadelphia, PA 19129-1743 USA

You can also email cxwriting@gmail.com to receive convenient paper mail order form including other CX products.

[Ebook version available to order at http://cassendrexavier.blogspot.com/2009/06/order-form-expanding-your-capacity-for.html]

Thursday, May 21, 2009

renaissance negresse museletter 2009/4

the renaissance negresse museletter
art inspiration community
brought to you by Cassendre Xavier aka Amethyste Rah

Thursday May 21, 2009

In This Issue:

1) Who is the Renaissance Negresse?
2) Expanding Your Capacity for Joy Booksigning Wednesday 5/27!
3) Capable of Love CD Release with Francesco Barone & SheWho at Tin Angel Thurs 6/11!
4) Available Recordings
5) Farewell Blessing

1) Who is the *Renaissance Negresse?
Haitian-American multi-media artist Cassendre Xavier coined this term in 2002.
A musician, writer, actress, and visual artist, Xavier says the term describes a black woman who is skilled or gifted in 3 or more arts. Xavier is a recipient of a Leeway Transformation Award for her work as a community cultural arts advocate, having founded and directed several Philadelphia arts initiatives including the Women’s Writing & Spoken Word Series (2002-2006) and the Black Women’s Arts Festival (2003 - Present). She is originally from Brooklyn, NY and has resided in Philadelphia since 1990. *“Negresse, Negre: In the French- and Spanish-speaking Caribbean Islands, these words often have a connotation of affection, entirely non-racial in meaning. ‘Ma petite negresse, mon negre, are equivalent to ‘My dear, my darling, my sweet.’” – From Masters of the Dew, a contemporary classic novel by the Haitian author Jacques Roumain, translated by Langston Hughes and Mercer Cook.

2) Expanding Your Capacity for Joy Booksigning Wednesday 5/27!

Wed 5/27/2009 07:00 PM - Expanding Your Capacity for Joy Booksigning & REAL Raw Life Lecture
Essene Natural Market & Cafe, 719 South Fourth St (near Bainbridge) Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19147 US Cost: FREE Description: Cassendre Xavier and Judi Rhee Alloway tell how they can support you in becoming & remaining raw vegans/live foodists. REAL Raw Life is a local support & transformation group plus global online community that supports people in becoming & remaining raw vegans/live foodists. Raw vegans/live foodists believe this diet is ideal for optimum health and well-being. Survivors of abuse or who are in recovery from addictions or serious illnesses, or who don’t have family or community support are ideal candidates to participate in this nurturing, healing group which meets twice a month at Essene. Cassendre Xavier is founder of REAL Raw Life. She’s a multi-media artist & an award-winning community organizer. She began her raw journey in 2005 & will be signing copies of her new sourcebook & journal Expanding Your Capacity for Joy. Judi Rhee Alloway is co-founder REAL Raw Life. An empowerment coach, Judi began using raw foods and other healing modalities in 2005 to recover completely from a debilitating illness. Contact Cassendre & Judi at www.realrawlife.com. Essene info: www.essenemarket.com 215.922.1146

3) Capable of Love CD Release with Francesco Barone & SheWho at Tin Angel Thurs 6/11!

Thurs 6/11/2009 08:30 PM - CD Release @ Tin Angel (with my band plus co-bills Francesco Barone, SheWho)
20 S. 2nd Street Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19106 US Cost: $10, 21+Description: This will be a live recording of a future cover song album, while supporting my new CD "Capable of Love", which you can see and hear at http://cdbaby.com/cd/xavierc8.I am very excited to have with me this time classical guitarist and raw vegan Francesco Barone, and beloved women's vocal group SheWho on the bill. The room will be full of love, warmth and laughter as I bridge my two most nurturing communities - raw vegan and wimmin's culture.(Last time I played Tin Angel was 2006 and I shared the bill with Monica McIntyre and Will Brock. It was fun and amazing then, and it will be fun and amazing this time.) Buy your tickets soon as they are going FAST! www.tinangel.com 215.928.0770

4) Available Recordings

10) Capable of Love (Jan 2009) (Also available at iTunes and Giovanni’s Room Bookstore in Philly)9) Affirmations for Survivors: Spirituality ( Aug 2007) 8) Affirmations for Survivors: Self-Love (Aug 2007) 7) Live at Tin Angel (May 2006) (Also available at iTunes)6) Beautiful (2004)5) The Cassendre Xavier Collection, Vol. 1 (2004)4) Live at the Kraftbrau, Kalamazoo (2004)3) 4OUR: A Cassendre Xavier Sampler (2003)2) Live at Café Improv (2002)1) The Whittenberg Sessions (2002)
The above CDs are sold at Giovanni’s Room Bookstore (345 S. 12th St/at Pine, Phila PA 19107 215.923.2960 www.queerbooks.com), are also orderable by toll free phone call: 800-BUY-MY-CD or by mail order, email: cxmusic(at)gmail.com or reply to this email for instructions.

5) Farewell Blessing
~May all of your fondest dreams and wishes come true, surpassing all your expectations (or something better), and may it be for the good of all.

In art, spirit, and community,

Cassendre Xavier (aka Amethyste Rah)
renaissance negresse

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Contact: cxwriting(at)gmail.com, or simply reply to this email.

Visit www.cassEndrExavier.com. And I’m on Facebook, too :-)

© Copyright 2009 by Cassendre Xavier a.k.a. Amethyste Rah. All rights reserved.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

I’m Feeling Good & Sexified Because…

[Soundtrack to this writing: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wevVoB9IdFg]

Yesterday, I…

a) “Creative tithed” (Gave 10% of my income to an individual or organization that spiritually sustains me, celebrates who I am, and makes me feel good about myself)

b) Made two new installment plans and started paying back two individuals/companies I owe money to.

These two acts move the energy that is my money. This is to help ensure the success of my future works, especially my new book/journal “Expanding Your Capacity for Joy”, which I see as successful already – I am just doing what I can to help make the vision come true.

And today I…

a) Got up at 6am and went running
b) Made a bank deposit @ 7:30am

So basically the biggest things were I 1) gave some of my money when I’m technically the brokest I’ve ever been – an act of faith and celebration of abundance 2) and I voted – just about the sexiest thing anyone can do these days.

Happy happy!

Love & light,

Cassendre Xavier aka Amethyste Rah
renaissance negresse

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Green Smoothie Raw Blog 12/21/08 – 5/10/09

Cassendre Xavier aka Amethyste Rah is a Philadelphia-based multi-media artist and community arts and wellness organizer who began her raw vegan journey in 2005. Raw vegans or live foodists eat 50% - 100% uncooked plant-based foods (fresh fruits, raw vegetables, nuts, seeds, and legumes). Raw vegans believe this is the best diet to reverse illnesses, maintain weight, lengthen life, naturally beautify, improve outlook, and deepen spirituality. Some noted/celebrity raw vegans are Demi Moore, Sting, Woody Harrelson, singer Brandy, Red Hot Chili Peppers singer Anthony Kiedis, Seal, Pierce Brosnan, Daryl Hannah, Christina Ricci, Gwyneth Paltrow, Madonna, and Alicia Silverstone, among others. For more about the raw vegan lifestyle, visit http://rawfoods.com/faq.html.

Dear Beautiful,

It’s been months since I’ve sent out GSRB. I was either writing them in my journals and not transcribing them, or not remaining raw. I’m also, as you may know, very busy with various projects. Recently, I’ve decided to get serious about getting and staying raw, and started a support group to help myself and other people who struggle with survivor/trauma/recovery/addiction issues or other challenges, such as not having the resources (juicer, community or family support) to easily become or remain raw.
REAL Raw launched in April and we are going strong!

Our first lecture at Essene Market & Café will be on Wednesday, May 27th 2009, 7pm. It’s free and open to all. Details: Essene, 719 South 4th St (near Bainbridge), Philadelphia PA 19147 215.922.1146.

In other news:

~This Saturday, May 16th somewhere between 7:30pm & 11pm, I will be performing at Studio 34, a yoga and healing arts studio in West Philadelphia, to participate in an all day Health & Wellness Fundraiser for this year’s Black Women’s Arts Festival. My set will be within an open mic that starts at 7:30pm. Pay just $5 to share your work at the open mic, but arrive much earlier to sign up and enjoy the other events, which will include Reiki, massage, and more! Details: Studio 34, 4522 Baltimore Ave, Philadelpia, PA 19143 (215) 387-3434 www.studio34yoga.com. For complete schedule and rates for healing services at this event, please visit www.BWAFphilly.org, click “Events”.

~I will be performing at Tin Angel on June 11th, a Thursday, 8:30pm, to promote the release of my new CD Capable of Love. With me on the bill will be Francesco Barone, a gifted young classical guitarist who also happens to be raw vegan! I met Francesco at raw vegan chef Michelle Pearson’s potluck, at which I was performing. Incidentally, that’s where I also met REAL Raw co-founder Judi Rhee Alloway, who will be co-presenting our lecture at Essene. The Tin Angel show is $10 and it’s 21+. Details: Tin Angel, 20 South 2nd Street, Philadelphia, PA 19106 215.928.0770 www.tinangel.com


60% Raw
10 min meditation
No exercise, no yoga

40% Raw
Raw affirmations written
No exercise, yoga, meditation

50% Raw


40% raw. Very angry eating. Still addicted to high sodium Chinese take-out. Balance it out with H2O, running and rawness. Guilt sets in. I try to forgive myself for abusing my body. Hard to be an addict (food) but the self-pity is getting real old real fast now that I must be…

Being in the planning stages of the forthcoming REAL Raw support group is making me think about accountability, and how my behavior will have to start changing once I am representing raw veganism and taking a position of leadership in this group and in the raw vegan community.


I was 100% raw today. Should feel like celebrating, but I’m just pissed off. I’ve had many 100% raw 1st days. This time it better be different. It’s not just about me anymore now. I gotta “represent”. Ate bananas for the first time in a couple of weeks. Had cut them out, but now that I’m cutting out cooked starches, I can have them again. Also had a radish, radish greens, and collards greens meal to knock your effin’ socks off. (Chinese restaurant mustard and soy sauce were the non-raw condiments.)
I feel lighter and calmer but anxious that I’ll be too high when I’m raw. Maybe there should be a study on so-called/pre-raw bipolar raw vegans and what they do to stay or get grounded. Maybe I’ll be the first guinea pig. I miss Asian chewy ginger candy. I miss egg rolls. I miss my long distance lover who broke up with me last week.

2/1/09 – end of day
100% raw – Whoo-hoo! Getting stronger because of planning REAL Raw, and my growing sense of accountability. We haven’t even had our first meeting yet – we’re just in our planning stages, and already, my talking about it with Judi and others is making me stronger on my raw path. Other feelings: Less angry but still a lot of nerves and anxiousness.

50% raw. Fell off the wagon when at the office. Ordered food. Today I had some major triggers – I saw a sexy picture of a thin woman in Philly Fit mag and got turned on, then thought I should imagine myself looking like her, then freaked out worrying that I’d become a slut or sex addict if/when I’m thin. Then flashed back to moments when I’ve made unwise sexual decisions. Also while I was still all raw today I started getting tempted to “reward” myself with cooked comfort and exciting foods.
Realized I eat mostly out of anger and sometimes for excitement. I don’t think I eat for comfort as much. I am an anger and excitement eater, mostly. I think I should keep a food and mood journal. But Jesus, how much writing can a girl do?!
Didn’t beat myself up before or after eating a cooked and combined cooked/raw meal with a big raw salad (radishes and radish leaves and collard greens). Arnold gave me and Judi a beautiful, encouraging blessing for our raw group. I don’t care if no one joins it and it falls flat on its REAL Raw ass. It’s saving my life. It’s gelling my future as a musician (since I know I won’t reach my full potential til I’m 100% Raw).

2/3/09 – 02/5/09
Less angry eating. Harm reduction: short-grain brown rice. Still eating “bad” food but less in quantity, and mixed with raw or healthier versions. Joshua Rosenthal, founder and director of the Institute for Integrative Nutrition says “Love is the ultimate superfood”, and I totally agree. REAL Raw launch – we’re applying for a grant and we will soon have a MySpace and Facebook presence.

No entries.


4/7/09 – 222 lbs. BP: Very high. (I’m not posting the numbers because I don’t want people to worry and send me negative energy or emails telling me to go on medication. If you are worried about high blood pressure, yours, mine, and/or someone you care about, watch this video of Arnold Kauffman, owner of Arnold’s Way Raw Vegan Café, Store & Education Center and Joe Weaver talking about curing hypertension with raw foods. If the link doesn’t work, visit www.youtube.com/user/ArnoldsWay and search “blood pressure”. At 32,893 views, it’s the 2nd most popular video on Arnold’s YouTube channel, and deservedly so.)

First REAL Raw meeting last night. Very healing and productive- especially hearing the members’ goals, experiences, and most especially the visualization and guided meditation at the end.
I’m the heaviest I’ve ever been. Started my raw journey at 214 lbs in 2005. Lost 30 lbs. Then put it all back again plus some. The group will help me lose my fears, or at least learn to manage them. One thing we talked about at the meeting last night was our fears of being too sexually attractive.
I have a hard enough time having strong boundaries at my least conventionally attractive.
Tonight I almost went to bed (2:30am) on an empty, growling stomach. But at the last minute, I gave in to the temptation of having a little company with me in (the food in my belly comforts me). so I ate 8oz short grain brown rice with hot and sauce. A few tablespoons of real maple syrup for dessert. Then I laid down to write this entry and then I read print-outs of my work done earlier at my office.

I’m working on immediate follow-through. Yesterday, I saw that Wisdom Magazine is seeking submissions for columnists. I applied today, sending them my Affirmation to Heal Judgment article. Within seconds of my friend recommending a venue in her residential city of Norfolk, VA, I emailed them. Feels really good to take action. The group gives me more confidence to solicit gigs. I saw how quickly I put REAL Raw together. I can do great things in my musical career, too.
In other news: my running group starts in 2 days. I am so excited!

My staple has been brown rice - highly fibrous and nutritious. Not as good as green smoothie, and it’s cooked, but it’s way better than the pizza, which I ate lots of during my last week visiting my nieces. I gained at least a couple of pounds there, I know it, but I also did a lot of great work, including digitizing and uploading to MySpace dozens of photos.

Many times today I remembered with great fondness and joy my best times at Eden House – coming home to the quiet, brightly lit plant-filled home – sitting on my legs on the couch (flexible due to yoga, weight loss, and regular bike riding), special times with my house mates, felling so safe, happy, and care-free. ‘Twas thoughts of Ahimsa (my favorite cooperative/intentional community living experience so far) and new thoughts of abundance and a better life that led to my leaving my roach infested Broad & Girard apartment for the sweet suburban streets of Eden. ‘Twill be thoughts of Eden and new thoughts of abundance and a better life that will wo/manifest my next and hopefully more compatible and stable house. I absolutely love my life. Everything gets better all the time. And that reminds me, I really better soon resume writing my affirmations. Louise Hay still does after 40 years of using them successfully.


10 min Meditaccione
No yoga, exercise

Green smoothie (collards, dandelion, bananas, apples, dates)


100% REAL Raw (Radiant, Empowered, Abundant & Loving) since 5/4/09.
Judi, Sara’i, and myself attended our 2nd meeting. We addressed one another by our spiritual names and had a great meeting. The next day, REAL Raw was invited to participate in the Wednesday Night Free Lecture Series of Essene Natural Market & Café, where he have our support group meetings twice a month. [Judi & I will be speaking about our group on May 27th at 7pm at Essene.] Every aspect of this challenge thrills and beckons me. I am am preparing myself to “feel the fear and do it anyway” and I comfort myself by remembering that I am the perfect candidate to be in and speak about REAL Raw. I am not representing a group of long-time 100% raw vegans. I am representing a group that’s created for people dealing with survivor and addiction issues, and/or other serious challenges to remaining all raw.

I’m recognizing the depths of anger that reside within me. I had no idea. I am learning to express and deal with it, as I must.

Meditaccione: 10 min
Exercise aka Bodmovery: None
Yoga: None

Filtered H2O
dried sea veggie brushed with a mixture of apple cider vinegar, turmeric, and cayenne pepper, then softened raw extra virgin coconut oil spread on top, then cilantro leaves layered on, then rolled into a yummy, healthy “sushi” roll!

A very lazy day today. Couldn’t seem to get out of bed. When I got to the office, I did none of my tasks, just was online socializing and googling inspiring articles about publishing ebooks. Later I realized I had been working very very hard, busking every day, working on the BWAF, and under a great deal of stress. I realized it was a Saturday, and that I could take a break - in fact that’s what Saturdays were for, and that’s what most normal people did/do. It felt good to be gentle with myself. I’d like to make that not such a rarity anymore.

I was thinking about this. The support group is for people struggling to stay raw. What happens after staying raw isn’t so hard for me anymore? Most likely, the baton will be passed to someone else who desperately needs the responsibility, leadership, structure, and accountability to become and remain raw. Bridge cross, but I’m happy that I had that thought, because it means I’m already envisioning myself as someone who is able to remain raw. That is a wonderful step and sign.

Meditaccione: 10 min
Exercise: 20 min, running
Yoga: 5 minutes Kundalini Yoga

Filtered H2O
mangoes, green smoothie (collards, cilantro, parsley, apples, bananas, dates)

Broke out the Kundalini Yoga with Gurmukh DVD for the first time in months. Even if I had the patience to see if my TV monitor still works after the digital change in February 2009, and I could watch it from home, I still have very little space in which to do so. So when I came to my office today, after running along Kelly Drive, I returned to the office and popped in the DVD. Having forgotten my yoga mat, I simply sat on the conference table, trying to inspire my Kundalini while worrying about someone coming in and finding me looking quite dorky with my eyes closed, and hearing the table squeaking under my now 225 lbs. Which reminds me…

I WEIGH 225 LBS!!!
Yep. Weighed myself at my most recent babysitting stint last week.
I know now how I gained the weight. I thought I was doing something healthy by replacing take out Chinese Food and other take out/fast food with short grain brown rice and sautéed vegetables, especially since I often included a lot of raw food in those dishes. However, I was eating a lot of the rice – sometimes up to four plates of it per meal, and I was also using it as filler for my other meals. For instance, when I went to my brother’s we had pizza. Instead of having my usual 4 slices or more, I had only two slices, but I piled a bunch of rice on top of them. I was just eating too much, stuffing myself. My logic was that short grain brown rice was healthy, so it was the lesser of two evils, but it was very fattening because I ate a lot of it. Also, I put a lot of salt on it. Kosher or Celtic Sea Salt, but salt nonetheless – all contributors to my highest weight and blood pressure to date.
I don’t own a scale and haven’t been to my special friend’s house (he owns a scale), so I don’t know what I weigh now. But I can tell you for sure I’ve lost weight. And why wouldn’t I? I’ve been 100% raw for a week (7 days exactly today), and I’ve also been exercising. Also importantly, I’ve been relaxing my mind, meditating, and trying to let go of worry and guilt. I will continue the good work and report my weight as soon as I can.

I’m on the rag again! Oh, I’m so glad to be on the rag again! I haven’t had my period in several months, because I’d gained so much weight and was so out of shape and stressed out about various things in my life. But as it always happened, 5 days into being raw, my moon cycle said, “HELL-o, baaaayyyyyybeeee!” So off to the drug store I went to get my chemically bleached maxi pads. I cannot WAIT to get the cloth moon pads. I’ve been wanting some locally made, preferably teenage crafted moon pads made from unbleached or recycled cloth materials, but haven’t found any yet. If you make these or know someone who does, please let me know. I would so love to give my money to young female individuals making natural, healthy alternatives, as opposed to supporting some huge corporate entity that creates things like Toxic Shock Syndrome by putting unpronounceable ingredients that are used in varnish and boat paint on tampons to make tampons shiny. But don’t get me started! Watch my happy-happy bleedin’ time video instead! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S6wJBYpE9uU

Though the down side of my being so focused on this visualization exercise caused me to miss my stop on the train to my office today – and my adding 30 minutes to what was supposed to have been only a 10 minute ride – I had a greatly enjoyable time. In fact, after what the pleasant female conductor called my “daydreaming”, I started looking for the wonderful magazine I’d been reading that made me feel so good before I realized it hadn’t been a magazine at all, but my own imaginings. That’s when I knew I’d been successful with my visualization practice – when in ‘waking time’, it seemed as real as a glossy paper color magazine cool under my fingers.
I’d been having a fantasy about My Next Boyfriend. But realizing that he’s in my heart – meaning that I can only create an essence of something, and that essence must already be within me, I started feeling really good, really adorable, and really worthy. Whereas in The Olden Days, whenever I’d dreamt of a future mate, it had all been going outside of myself for some dreamy experience or someone to make me feel as if I were pretty or special, this time I realized I already feel pretty and special, and that I’m taking concrete steps to also be optimally healthy and financially self-sufficient and abundant. I realized a few years ago that the key to being in love is falling in love with oneself or at the very least, with one’s life. Now, I realize with great pleasure that I’ve made some progress in this area – it’s less of an effort to convince myself that I’m cute or worthy. I’ve gotten to the level of – well, yeah, that’s a given – I’m cute AND I’m worthy – but am I happy with my life? Am I doing work that I love all the time? Am I organized and being paid well. I’m enjoying fixing the things in my life that don’t work. I’m enjoying the progress I’ve already made. And I’m very much enjoying the fact that all of this focus is so NOT on the boy anymore. And that’s exactly why I’ll get him , or rather, he will get me, and we will have each other :-)
Another excellent sign is that I’m not in a big hurry hurry. I’m so about the business of my life and making it mango-liscious that he is merely a figment of my imaginings.

One of my favorite quotes about the effectiveness of visualization is from Russell Crowe’s memorable Oscarâ speech.

“You know, when you grow up in the suburbs of Sydney or Auckland or Newcastle like Ridley or Jamie Bell, or the suburbs of anywhere, a dream like this seems kind of vaguely ludicrous and completely unattainable. But, this moment is directly connected to those childhood imaginings. And for anybody who’s on the downside of advantage, and relying purely on courage, it’s possible.” –Russell Crowe, actor

I’ll leave you with that notion – that your dream is completely attainable. No matter where you come from or how you grew up, no matter how ridiculous or out of reach those dreams seem to be - keep your “imaginings” going. Get them in focus, visualize them often in your mind, and keep making them sharper in your mind’s eye. Remember the importance of adding emotion and action in the mix… Picture things and circumstances that make you feel wonderful when you think about them, and do little things every single day to move you closer to your dream. Figure out what the essence of what you want is – is it a feeling of security, a sense of accomplishment, feeling loved or attractive, or joyful? You can have and do all of those things right now. You can choose to feel loved, attractive, joyful, and secure at any given moment, regardless of what’s going on in your life (affirmations help a lot with this). Once you have mastered even the smallest of success in this area, you can then acknowledge it occurred, and grow it to greater success with even bigger and better results.
I wish you all the best in your travels to your most joyous existence. Remember to enjoy the ride along the way, because as Gertrude Stein said, “There is no ‘there’, there.” The journey is the destination.

Love and light,

Cassendre Xavier aka Amethyste Rah
renaissance negress
Founder of REAL Raw
Founder of the Black Women’s Arts Festival
Visit the Cassendre Xavier Music Gallery at www.cdbaby.com/all/cassEndrE
Guided Meditations by Amethyste Rah (with Music of Light by Thaddeus)
www.lulu.com/cassEndrE, www.myspace.com/amethysteaffirmations

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A new multi-level marketing initiative founded in part by raw vegan leader David Wolfe, Elements for Life is a great way to get your superfoods while funneling money directly into our own individuals and communities. Instead of going to a big store, you can order online and have these items sent to you.
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Am sure you will be happy to know that I am still a vegetarian, although not raw--but doing very well considering that I used to live off of Cheetos and Cherry Coke. I have even made it a part of my daily routine to exercise for at least 30 minutes and I have never felt better. Also, you are among the first to know that I am going to be taking a massage therapy course beginning in September ! YAY and I am truly looking forward to that as well.”
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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Redirecting Lightworker Love, by Amethyste Rah

Dear Beautiful,

It’s wonderful to be able to share my story of a recent experience with you that you helped create….
One of my spiritual home bases is www.lightworkers.org. Since discovering it a few weeks ago, I’ve been on the site every time I’m working at my desk, leaving posts of love and encouragement for my “lightfriends”, and enjoying reading their equally glowing and affectionate posts to my inbox or guestbook.
I’d gotten even busier than usual lately, and not having time to post on everyone’s guestbook. Subsequently, I would feel a bit lonely to find no new messages or posts on my guestbook. It taught me a couple of things, one being that we really only get as much love as we put out in the world. I can’t expect a dozen glowing messages of love and support from my “lightfriends” if for days at a time, I have left their own inboxes and guestbooks as cold and lacking, or at least with less messages, as mine now were.
I also was reminded that there are people in my life, around me day to day that are as hungry for my love, attention, and affection, as I was when I was visiting the website seeking support from people around the word who understand our own brand(s) of spirituality and practice love and non-judgment on a daily basis.
This idea was brought home to me on the way to my office one evening. I boarded the bus as usual, and sat down after a long day of busking, looking forward to a wee nap before I spent 6 or more additional hours writing and promoting my music online.
Interrupting my rest was an overly chatty (and unfortunately loudly so) woman. At first I thought she was just being friendly with me, but then when I stopped talking with her, she talked with person after person. She was lucid, and nothing in her demeanor was inappropriate, rude, or overly annoying. I guess I was just really looking for a little bit of silence for the half-hour it took to get me where I needed to go. My heart softened at about her
3rd conversation, this time with a young mother and her toddler son. When the loud talking woman stood up to leave, she said to the young mother, “Take care of that baby,” and then departed. As she walked away, smiling, my heart filled with sadness realizing for the first time, that the woman was lonely. I realized that here I was, looking forward to getting to my office to give and receive love from and with people I’d never meet and most of whom I would never meet, and here I was being called upon to give love to someone right in front of me.
I was reminded that our job really is to be loving. That’s it. We’re supposed to love ourselves, love others, and honor that from which we come and where we will eventually go again- God, the Mystery, the All-That-Is, whatever you feel comfortable calling it.
I don’t know who or what spoke to my heart then – my higher self, God, my angels, but I do know that from then I didn’t feel so bad for not reaching out to my lightfriends. I know there are plenty of opportunities for me to express kindness and generosity, and that in fact it’s my job to do so.
So, that’s what I’m going to try to focus on – redirecting all the warm and fuzzy feelings I used to have when I was visiting www.lightworkers.org, and give that energy to those around me – my co-workers, friends, family members, and so forth.
I will still send the occasional message, but it’s no longer a priority for me to do so. I will use my lightworker cyberspace to post blogs that inspire thought and spiritual ascension. After all, my lightfriends know and understand quantum physics and universal consciousness. They know I love them, think of, and bless them whether at or away from my desk.
I will continue to visit and share this love and light, and take it into my communities and try to be kind, loving, and generous with the loud, the annoying, and the lonely. Thank you all for being here, assisting me on my journey. Love and light to you and your loved ones.

For music, guided meditations, and future ebooks by Amethyste Rah aka Cassendre Xavier, please visit www.cassEndrExavier.com

Stacy Bias' Available Workshops

Summaries of Available Workshops

I am both willing and incredibly interested in pursuing speaking engagements in colleges and universities. I have done Diversity Training for Portland local government, spoken and/or presented workshops at Penn State, the Siren Nation Music Festival, Portland State University, Portland International Women's Day, the NoLOSE conference and FatFest (NAAFA-sponsored.) I am scheduled to speak at Evergreen State College in the fall.

My summary of available workshops is below and longer speaking engagements on similar topics are available.

Social Revolution through Rejection of Shame
90 Minute Workshop or 60 Minute Presentation

An interactive, conversational workshop on the power of buying out of the arbitrary physical ideal, the joy of embracing a larger spectrum of beauty, and the truly revolutionary act of loving one's body. Speaks about beauty as a social construct, the roots of shame as a consumer tool, how shame impacts our daily lives in ways we don't often instantly recognize, and how shame/pressure of conformance is a weapon of mass distraction. Exercises include word associations exploring our personal definitions of beauty, examining those for hidden prejudice, exploring our childhood definitions of beauty and seeing if we can pinpoint the time in our lives when our personal definitions conformed to societal standards.

Grassroots Organizing for Social Revolution
90 Minute Workshop or 60 Minute Presentation

Tired of preaching to the choir? One of the best ways to draw new faces into the revolution is to throw edgy events. Politics, entertainment and inspiration, all interwoven into an easy to digest and hard to forget Activist Arrow: straight through the heart! This workshop covers the basic timeline of successful event organizing and gives tips and pointers about knowing a good idea when you have it, finding your pudgy posse to get the ball rolling, marketing, promotion, fundraising, networking, finding a venue and more! We'll do some fun brainstorming for small-scale fundraising events and silly but effective actions that will liven any tired activists spirit. Change the world - one stage at a time!

Looksism 101 - Diversity Training Workshop/Presentation
90 Minute Workshop or 60 Minute Presentation

Studies show that a mere three seconds are sufficient for us to make our conclusions about people we meet. These first impressions are instinctive and are a thick and messy amalgam of reflexive self-protection and, sadly, learned behaviors and judgments. This interactive workshop discusses the ways in which we can combat our reflexive judgments in situations when it is safe to do so, and come to our assessments of people from a more holistic and aware place.

Visit http://www.stacybias.net/ for more info.



September 12-13, 08' - Pacific University, Forest Grove, Or (True Diversity Workshop, Performance & Redefinition of Identity Lecture)

September 18, 08' - San Joaquin Delta College, Stockton, Ca (Performance & Redefinition of Identity Lecture)

September 23, 08' -- University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Mi (Musical Lecture Program)

September 24, 08' - Washington & Lee University, Lexington, Va (Musical Lecture Program)

OCTOBER --2008

October 7, 08' - University of California Channel Islands, Camarillo, Ca (Performance & Redefinition of Identity Lecture)

October 9, 08' - Butler University, Indianapolis, In (Musical Lecture

October 11, 08' - Ripon College, Ripon, Wi (Performance & Redefinition of Identity Lecture)

October 12, 08' - First Universalist Unitarian Church, Wausau, Wi (Performance during service)

October 13, 08' -- University of Wisconsin, Marathon County, Wausau, Wi (Performance & Redefinition of Identity Lecture)

October 14, 08' - St. Cloud State University, St Cloud, Mn (Performance & Redefinition of Identity Lecture)

October 15, 08' - Winona State University, Winona, Mn (Performance & Redefinition of Identity Lecture)


November 6, 08' --Florida Gulf Coast University, Fort Meyers, Fl (Performance & Redefinition of Identity Lecture)

November 6, 08' - Edison State College, Ft Myers, Fl (Musical Lecture

November 13, 08' - The College of New Jersey, Ewing, Nj (Performance & Redefinition of Identity Lecture)

November 14, 08' -- Delaware Technical Community College, Newark, De (Performance & Redefinition of Identity Lecture)

November 15, 08' - SUNY Stonybrook, Stonybrook, Ny "Big Gay Weekend" (Performance)

November 18, 08' -- University of Alaska Fairbanks, Al (Performance & Redefinition of Identity Lecture)

November 20, 08’ – Mt Hood Community College, Gresham, Or (Performance and Storytelling with Q&A)

November 21, 08' -- Human Dignity Awards, Bend, Or (Performance & True Diversity Workshop)


December 5, 08' -- California State University, Chico, Ca (Performance & Redefinition of Identity Lecture)


January 28, 09' -Seattle University, Seattle, Wa Redefinition of Identity Lecture)

FEBRUARY -- 2009

February 17, 09' - Oregon Institute of Technology, Kalamath Falls, Or (Performance and Storytelling with Q&A)

February 19, 09' - Oregon State University, Corvallis, Or (Performance & Redefinition of Identity Lecture)

MARCH – 2009

March 3, 09' - University of North Florida, Jacksonville, Fl (Performance & Redefinition of Identity Lecture)

March 4, 09' - University of South Florida St. Petersburg, FL (Performance & Redefinition of Identity Lecture)

March 5, 09' - Indiana State University, Bloomington, In (Performance & Redefinition of Identity Lecture)

March 12, 09 - University of Albany, Albany, NY (Performance & Redefinition of Identity Lecture)

March 19, 09’ – University of Wisconsin Parkside, Kenosha, WI (Performances & Redefinition of Identity Lecture)

March 24, 09' - Eastern Michigan University, Ypsilanti, Mi (Performance & Redefinition of Identity Lecture)

March 26, 09’ – Chippewa Valley Technical College, Eau Claire, Wi (Performance & True Diversity Lecture)

March 27, 09' - Marquette University, Milwaukee, Wi (Performance & Redefinition of Identity Lecture)

March 28, 09' -- Grand Valley State University, Grand Rapids, Mi (Performance & Redefinition of Identity Lecture)

March 30, 09' - Loyola College of Maryland, Baltimore, Md (Performance & Redefinition of Identity Lecture)

March 31, 09' - University of Maryland College Park, College Park, MD (Solo Performance and Storytelling with Q&A)

APRIL -- 2009

April 1, 09' - Goucher College, Baltimore, Md (Performance & Redefinition of Identity Lecture)

April 8, 09' - Appalachian State University, Boone, NC (Performance & Redefinition of Identity Lecture)

April 9, 09’ – Syracuse University, Syracuse, NY ( Redefinition of Identity Lecture)

April 11, 09’ – Union College, Schenectady, NY (Performance & Redefinition of Identity Lecture)

April 13, 09' - Mohawk Valley Community College, Utica, NY (Performance & Redefinition of Identity Lecture)

April 16, 09’ – University of Wisconsin Stout, Menomonie, Wi (Performance & Redefinition of Identity Lecture)

April 17, 09' - Northern Michigan University, Marquette, Mi (Performance & Redefinition of Identity Lecture)

April 20, 09’ – University of Illinois Urbana Champaign, Urbana, Il (Performance & Redefinition of Identity Lecture)

April 21, 09' - University of Wisconsin Green Bay, Green Bay, Wi (Performance & Redefinition of Identity Lecture)

April 23, 09' - University of Chicago, Chicago, Il (Performance & Redefinition of Identity Lecture)

April 24, 09’ – Ohio University Southern, Ironton, Oh (Performance & Redefinition of Identity Lecture)

April 25, 09' - Eastern Kentucky University, Richmond, KY (Performance & Redefinition of Identity Lecture)

April 27, 09’ – University of Arizona, Tuscon, Az (Performance & Redefinition of Identity Lecture)

MAY – 2009

May 5, 09' - Whatcom Community College, Bellingham, Wa (Performance & Redefinition of Identity Lecture)

May 7, 09’ – Whitman College, Spokane, Wa (Performance & Redefinition of Identity Lecture)

May Date TBA 09' - Spokane Community College, Spokane, Wa (Performance & Redefinition of Identity Lecture)

May 9, 09’ – University of Wisconsin, Madison, Wi

May 11, 09' - Cascadia Community College, Bothell, Wa (Redefinition of Identity Lecture at 11:00am and 3:30pm)

May 13, 09' - Lake Washington Technical College, Kirkland, Wa (Performance & Redefinition of Identity Lecture)

JUNE -- 2009

June 13, 09’ – Boston Pride, Boston, Ma

June 14, 09’ – Back Porch House Concert Series, Oakland, Ca


September 27, 09’ - The Multicultural Theatre Space, Kitchener On (Performance & Redefinition of Identity Lecture) (tentative)

October 6, 09’ - West Chester University of Pennsylvania, Westchester Pa (Performance & Redefinition of Identity Lecture)

TO BOOK MAGDALEN FOR A CONCERT, LECTURE, WORKSHOP, OR TO HAVE HER CREATE AN ORIGINAL SONG FOR YOUR SPECIAL EVENT EMAIL Magdalen at powrbabe@gmail.com or call 206-954-0269 (Or if you have found this page through The Showcase Agency, direct all bookings through them 315.427.3199 Booking(at)ShowcaseAgency.com www.ShowcaseAgency.com.
SMASHING THE CEILING CONCERT(THE INTERSECTION OF RACE, GENDER, AND THE ARTS)A one hour high energy, live music performance featuring Magdalen and her drummer on vocals, guitar, piano, drums, and percussion. Dialogue about identity, racism and bi, asian american, and feminist issues is interspersed between songs and is implicit in many song themes & lyrics.
REDEFINITION OF IDENTITY LECTURE(ASIAN, FEMINIST, AND LGBTQ FOCUS)A one hour interactive “human interest” lecture exploring the search for “cultural identity” through the personal story of the presenter as an out, asian american, woman growing up the rural south, overcoming obstacles such as racism, prejudice, stereotyping, homophobia, bi-phobia within the LBGT community, filial piety, and a severe disability (Tourette’s Syndrome), allowing for a greater level of understanding about identity among student participants. 10-15 minute Q&A at the end of the lecture.
Includes:Personal history and background of the presenter / Being out, asian, and female in the music industry / The past, present, and future of asian, LGBT, women in the arts / Their changing social status, search for identity, visibility, and media representations / Bi myths and realities / The intersection of race, gender, & the arts / Encounters with racism & stereotyping / Redefining identity - finding your cultural “home” / Finding your soul’s purpose / Synopsis of presentation and goals of the presenter / Interactive (q&a) discussion at the end of lecture with audience
TRUE DIVERSITY LECTURE(RAISING AWARENESS IN OUR COMMUNITIES AND OURSELVES)A one hour interactive lecture that addresses how we can begin to raise diversity awareness in ourselves and in our community. It outlines multicultural statistics, helps us understand our own diversity, explores the difference between programming and instinct, examines the influence of family, community, and environment in our behavior & programming, assists in uncovering inner programming which we may not be aware of, encourages the importance of listening to and seeing the world through each other's ears and eyes, gives us tools for taking action and options for involvement, and offers suggestions for re-programming techniques.
Includes:Introduction: Personal history and background of the presenter / Statistics for a multicultural millennium - Building our awareness / The difference between programming and instinct / Understanding our own diversity - The influence of family, community, and environment / Uncovering hidden programming - Lessening the gap between our beliefs about who we are and our actual behavior / Seeing with "new" eyes, hearing with "new" ears / Suggestions for re-programming techniques / Getting involved - tools for taking action and options for involvement / Synopsis of presentation and goals of the presenter / Interactive (q&a) discussion at end of lecture
TRUE DIVERSITY WORKSHOP(EXPLORING RACE, GENDER, AND PROGRAMMING)A one and ½ hour to two hour fully interactive diversity awareness workshop incorporating group discussion and problem solving techniques. It helps us understand our own diversity, allows us to share our beliefs about race, culture, gender, and programming, explores the difference between programming and instinct, gives us tools for taking action and options for involvement, and offers suggestions for re-programming techniques.
Workshop Objectives:To build upon our diversity awareness, making it stronger and more well rounded / To uncover diversity issues within ourselves which we may not be aware of, thereby lessening the gap between our beliefs about who we are and our actual behavior / To share our beliefs about race, culture, gender, and programming / To examine the difference between programming and instinct / To present powerful, effective tools for taking action and discuss options for involvement / To offer suggestions for re-programming techniques / Final synopsis of presentation and workshop goals given by presenter.
***NEW PROGRAM*********
I am offering a new program for 2008. In addition to being available for performances, lectures, and workshops for college engagements this Spring and Fall 2008, I am also available to write original one-of-a kind songs for your special event, theme, or for a special person. If you are interested in having me write a song for your student organization, a person, or for any event or occasion that your organization is hosting, please email me at powrbabe@gmail.com or call 206-954-0269 to discuss.
The song could be created in support of a college event or theme such as: Pride Week, Coming Out Week, Women's History Month, Women's Week, Take Back The Night, Asian History Month Diversity Week, Orientation Week, International Women's Day, Asian Heritage Week, Chinese New Year, Coming Out Week, Coming Out Day, Day of Silence, Aids Awareness Week, and various conferences & symposiums.
The song could be created to raise awareness about your student club or organization or as the anthem or theme song for your organization
The song could be written to raise awareness about any theme or topic for your school such as: Asian Pacific Islander, LGBT, & Women's Issues, Diversity, Multiculturalism, Sexual Assault Awareness topics to name a few.
The song could be created to honor a special person in your community who is being recognized for their exceptional efforts in leadership or community service.
The song could be for personal reasons such as a gift for a loved one for a personal special event or occasion.
An personal phone interview will be conducted with you or your organization members regarding the meaning, purpose, and theme of the song before I commence writing it.
In addition to writing, recording, singing, playing, & producing the song, I could also come to your school or city to give a single live performance of the song, or I could perform the song in conjunction with my regular full-length concert, lecture, and workshop program series.
A master cd of the recording and lyrics will be presented upon completion of the song and-or program.