Saturday, September 12, 2009

ME! ME! ME! “Love Letters” Ediccione

ME! ME! ME! The Cassendre Xavier Newsletter
the “Love Letters” ediccione, if you will. (As it were.)

Saturday Sept 12th, 2009

In this issue:

New Facebook Groups!
New Newsletters!
Podcast Appearance!
New Book!
Post Office Box!

Dear Beautiful,

So what’s shakin’?
It has been weeks and weeks that I’ve been wanting to write to you, but didn’t because I was too busy or too tired.
Well, I decided today that for a good long while, I may be too busy or tired, so I’d better do it now rather than wait until I have several uninterrupted hours that sound so foreign and blissful to me right about now.
I’m abandoning my usual newsletter format to do what I enjoy most, write you a straight up regular ol’ letter.
I’ve been a letter writer since age 4, when as an underling in my parents’ native Port-au-Prince, Haiti, I wrote a love letter to someone I had a crush on. He was a grown ass man and hence began my lifelong preference for older guys. Sounds creepy, don’t it? But don’t worry, it was purely innocent. I thought he was cute, so I did what any normal budding shameless flirt of a writer would do, I told him so in a letter!
Then, at 8, I had a crush on a boy closer to my age (he was 10, and also Haitian). Years later, we went to junior high school together and we got involved in a scandal based on letters sent back and forth. They were hot, hot, hot, and my mother found, found, found them and my father made copies copies copies of them, had his folks over, and let’s just say that our lust was never consummated!
I have written letters for years and still write them, to different people for different reasons. As the internet has taken over the world, I have still maintained the value and art of writing and mailing real paper letters. Among my current pen pals is a real life friend who is a German professional in her early 60s whose dreams came true last year of being accepted as a Peace Corps volunteer. She now lives and serves joyfully in Tanzania. It takes 3-6 weeks for our letters to reach each other and although I’m very busy, I truly value our correspondence. Believe it or not, she went with another friend of mine to see Steve Vai in concert a couple of years ago!
Anyway, years ago while sending a particularly beautiful letter, I prayed to the Universe, “Please let me write letters and be paid for it.” Since then, I don’t know if that’s happened, or it ever will, but I have continued to wish it and to write letters.
The most recent are new newsletters that express my current life experiences.
In addition to the usual, decades’ old, world-famous ME! ME! ME! Cassendre Xavier Newsletter and the renaissance negresse museletter: art | inspiration | community, there are also a couple more:

Orin DaBen Professionals / In Spirit Newsletter
This is a newsletter I write and send from my “Orin DaBen Professionals” Facebook Group and is for people like me who read the works of Sanaya Roman and Duane Packer PhD (LuminEssence Productions), and who use Orin DaBen materials and/or Thaddeus music in our work. (My guided meditation albums feature the background music of Thaddeus, used with permission of LuminEssence Productions. They are available at

Dodson & Ross / With Pleasure Newsletter
I am a very sexy lady. Some of you know this, yes? ;-) Anyway, I decided recently that my creative and physical energy output ought to have equal amounts of sexual energy output to match. The 2nd chakra is the home base of both creative and sexual energy – it’s the same thing – the thing that paints the picture and the thing that makes the baby is the same thing that makes the orgasm. So I figured, I want to have as much pleasure as I have the urge to create prolifically. So I set about finding suitable playmates and filling my calendar with activities that keep my skin as young and as glowing as makes me look younger than my 40 years.
I also thought of the gospel of Thomas quote, “If you bring forth that which is within you, that which is within you will save you. If you do not bring forth that which is within you, that which is within you will kill you.” Or something like that. I don’t remember it exactly, I’m paraphrasing. Anyway,
another time I’ll tell you the uber cool story of my herstory with Betty Dodson and how I started the first and only Facebook Group based on her and her business partner Carlin Ross’s work.

The group is called: Betty Dodson with Carlin Ross - Sex Educators & Activists

The link is:

If you join it, you will receive my double newsletter “Dodson & Ross / With Pleasure”. The first part will talk about something new and/or what I’m thinking about from their website The second part will be my thoughts and/or experiences of liberating sexuality from a feminist of color perspective.

Here’s a sample of my writing thereintoforewith:

“A certain number of years ago, white male scientists didn't know women could have orgasms. Then they didn't know women could ejaculate. I say let's not let them keep writing our sexual herstories. Let us live, write, and share our own.” – Amrita Waterfalls (aka Cassendre Xavier)

Since it’s on Facebook, I have the pleasure of reading responses, such as the following:

“The female ejaculation is to all women in the XXI century as the orgasm was to in XX century.” -Jorge A. (b. 1954, “working with fine arts & general insanity”, based in Lisbon, Portugal)

“i will [sic] be willing to help with that story.”
- Joe B. (b. 1985, musician in a band, based in Philadelphia, PA)

All are welcome to join this group to receive my double-newsletters. Enjoy!

I’m going to be on a well-known podcast to talk about raw foods!
Details: “Saturday Mornings with Joy Keys”-podcast
Raw Foods

Date: Saturday October 24th, 2009

Time: 11:00 a.m. – 11:30 a.m. EST

Go To: to listen from your computer.

Call: 646-929-0368 to listen and questions from your phone.

SPECIAL GUEST: Cassendre Xavier

“Saturday Mornings with Joy Keys” is an interactive, live Internet talk-radio show that focuses on providing people with
tools to enrich and advance their lives mentally, physically and emotionally.

You can listen to archives of previous shows by going to Check out the podcasts on HIV/AIDS with AIDS activist Hydeia Broadbent, Diabetes with Singer Angie Stone, The State of Young Black Males with author/activist Kevin Powell, Domestic Violence with Women in Transition, Women in Politics with Councilwoman Blondell Reynolds Brown, and Living with Lupus with
Mercedes Scelba-Shorte from America’s Next Top Model and many more.

For more information about “Saturday Mornings with Joy Keys” call: 267-288-7386 or
email: saturdayswithjoykeys(at)

I will be reading from and signing my 2nd raw vegan book “The Opposite of Fear” on 10/28!

Book release and signing with Cassendre Xavier

Wednesday October 28, 2009
Admission: $14.95 (Includes book)

Arnold’s Way
(Raw Vegetarian Café, Store & Education Center)
319 West Main Street, Store #4 Rear
Lansdale, PA 19446
(215) 361-0116

Raw vegan author Cassendre Xavier will be signing copies of her new book,
The Opposite of Fear: a Food, Mood & Progress Journal. Cassendre is an award-winning musician, author, and community arts organizer (founder & executive director of Philadelphia’s 7th Annual Black Women’s Arts Festival). This book is a tool for handling difficult emotions that surface when moving from unhealthy to healthy eating, and breaking free from compulsive/addictive eating.

Cassendre has been an imperfectly practicing raw vegan since 2005, and is co-founder of the former REAL Raw Life vegan support group.

A prepaid registration fee of $14.95 entitles each guest to either 1 signed copy of Opposite of Fear or Cassendre’s 1st raw vegan book, Expanding Your Capacity for Joy: a Raw Vegan Comfort Book, Sourcebook & Journal, which has been called “very good” by Arnold’s Way proprietor Arnold Kauffman and “a fine publication” by Essene Natural Market & Cafe manager Ed Mitinger. Info about Expanding…:
Deadline for prepaid registration is October 20, 2009.

Call 215-361-0116 for information about this event.

For more information about Cassendre, visit, email cxwriting(at) or call the Black Women’s Arts Festival at (215) 951-0330, ext. 2108.

Black Women’s Arts Festival update!
I decided to treat it as my kid. She’s my almost 7year old daughter, which in nonprofit years (double) makes her an adolescent I am saving to send to college. It’s a big job, but she chose me as her mama, so I gotta do right by ‘her!
The 6th annual event happened his past July-Aug and in mid September I’ll be back in the saddle again planning an event as lovely and diverse as you remember it when I was at the helm. Former Creative Director Monica McIntyre outdid herself producing our recent event (9+ venues, 4 days, 50+ artists) and I hope she’s enjoying a wonderful summer and that we’ll be singing songs from her next new album in the shower and other nifty places!
For info about BWAF, please visit or call 215.951.0330, ext 2108.

So my primary guy’s about to pick me up from the office in a few minutes and I want to send this off.

Oh, before I forget…Guess what????

I got my PO Box back!!!! Whoo-hoo!!!!

Can I just tell you how frikkin’ excited I am????

I have had a POB for years and years and years and LOVED it. It’s the very best way to receive mail – very private, secure, fun. And when I moved to NYC last year, like a dodo bird I closed it. I was broke for so long it took me a while to get it back, and then when I did have the money, I had to change my address on my ID and there was all this rigamarole to apply for a box again – or so I thought. When I actually went to do it, it took, literally, one day. And it was super easy. AND my original box was/is still available!!!

So, all you sexy cats can resume sending me the “love letters and dark chocolate” I have been saying I want to receive (only now I’m also adding: “French Perfume” heh-heh ;-) to:

Cassendre Xavier (or my spiritual name Amethyste Rah or my sexy name Amrita Waterfalls, or my title “renaissance negresse”)
POB 30204
Philadelphia, PA 19103-8204

More to say, and I hope to be saying it to you soon, later, my loves.

Enjoy life and be happy,


P.S. Oh, and buy my new album Capable of Love, available at or at Giovanni’s Room Bookstore in Philly 215.923.2960. It’s really good, and I’m not just saying that, other people are saying it too ;-)

© 2009 by Cassendre Xavier. All rights reserved.


Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Come see me at IHOP this week!

Hi, folks!
Some of you know this already, but I wanted to inform you that I recently began waiting tables at IHOP to take care of my 6-year-old “BWAF” (Black Women’s Arts Festival whom I’ve decided to start thinking and taking care of as my daughter!
The new center city location is at 1320 Walnut Street (on Walnut & Juniper. Juniper is between 13th & Broad). The restaurant’s hours are 7am-2am. Yep, that’s 7 in the morning until 2 in the morning!
We just opened 2 weeks ago.
NEWS! We’re having a new promotion: Kids Eat Free from 4pm-10pm! (til Sept 13th).
There’s also some NFL promotion I don’t know everything about yet, heh-heh!
There’s also a “For Me” menu that’s got more health conscious options.
I know I’m a raw vegan and that IHOP isn’t exactly that, but if you’re not raw and you would eat here, then…
Why don’t you come up sometime – see me? (By the way, that’s what Mae West really said, not “Come up and see me sometime” You’re getting the real deal here, folks! ;-)
Here’s my schedule for the remainder of this week:
Tues (today) 5pm-Close (we close at 2am and I’m rarely out before 2am).
Wed 5-pm – Close
Thurs -------OFF-------
Fri ----OFF-------
Sat 8am-4pm
Sun 8am-4pm
Mon 5pm- Close

Remember - Ask for Cassendre!

1320 Walnut St
Philadelphia, PA 19107

Cassendre Xavier
renaissance negresse and server extraordinaire!

Coming soon:
ME! ME! ME! The Cassendre Xavier Newsletter
Green Smoothie Raw Blog, and
the renaissance negresse museletter: art | inspiration| community

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