Thursday, July 9, 2009

Green Smoothie Raw Blog 7/9/09

Dear Raw Vegan friends, practitioners, and fellow seekers:

This is a quickie ediccione, if you will (as it were). Very busy preparing for the 6th Annual Black Women’s Arts Festival.

I’m back on the raw wagon, and although I’m undecided as to continue this blog, I do feel the need to write it (in some brief form) today.

Although this morning I ate non-raw, at 2pm I prepared the rest of my meals for the day (all raw vegan) and reported them to my food coach (I’ve been at least 50% raw for the last 3 weeks). I’ve also gone to about 8 support group meetings in the past 8 days to address and manage my compulsive eating, something which I hadn’t done before, and which I believe led me to constantly fall off the raw wagon.

I hope to be reporting good news from now on, whether in my blogs, other writings (books, etc.) or just physically reporting by my radiant health and improved fitness that I’m doing well.

Blessings to you on your raw journey,


Cassendre Xavier is a multi-media artist and founder of the Black Women’s Arts Festival. An imperfectly practicing raw vegan since 2005, she was trained in raw food preparation by Arnold Kauffman and Michelle Schulman at Arnold’s Way Raw Vegetarian Café, Store & Education Center (Lansdale PA) in 2007. Cassendre is co-founder of REAL Raw Life: Books & More for Your Raw Journey (formerly the REAL Raw Life support group) and is the author of Expanding Your Capacity for Joy: a Raw Vegan Comfort Book, Sourcebook & Journal, which is sold at Arnold’s Way, Essene Natural Market & Café (Philadelphia) and Giovanni’s Room Bookstore (Philadelphia) and in e-book format at

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